What is Realization and Wisdom?


Realization and wisdom are the natural abilities of the True Self. They constitute the core content and ultimate goal of Ren Xue life cultivation.

From the perspective of Ren Xue

Realization manifests as the growing ability to better understand, face, change, and uplift one’s own life to the level where the True Self can fully function. It also manifests as the ability to truly understand and follow the fundamental laws of life, nature, and the universe and eventually achieve full integration, unification, and harmony with the universe. In this process, one’s ability to Zi Du Du Ren will continually advance.

Wisdom is ‘realized knowing’ obtained from awakening and realization. It can accumulate, refine, and grow with the ever-developing process of realization. It is the highest form of Jingshen (the integration of heart, consciousness and Shen/True Self) known to human beings. It manifests as the ability to understand and follow the laws of the universe and to connect freely with and benefit everything (totality). There is no end to the deepening and development of wisdom.

Better health, true happiness, sense of wellbeing, freedom, harmony, and living in the moment are among the many wonderful qualities higher realization and wisdom bring to life.

Higher realization and wisdom are achieved mainly through cultivating the five essential qualities of the heart – trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing – and by changing the unhealthy patterns of the consciousness. These are also the focus of the last three methods of Yuan Gong. When the process of changing patterns has been successful, the True Self will shine through and the phenomenon called enlightenment manifests. Life will be characterized by the constant presence of the five essential qualities of the heart and manifestation of realization and wisdom. Unhealthy patterns will have very little sway. The ability to help other people will grow significantly and Du Ren will naturally be the foremost focus of life.

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