global ren xue community

Ren Xue has a strong and diverse global community on a shared journey of growth and development.

Monthly REN XUE Full Moon Practice

Each month the community comes together by connecting into a shared Qifield around a theme that is supported by teachings from Yuan Tze. These teachings are shared through our Community Facebook Group, as meditations on the Ren Xue YouTube channel REN XUE TV, and via the Ren Xue Wisdom page on this site.

Many local communities connect online or in-person for a shared Full Moon practice. Activities include group gatherings, online practices and individual practitioners. Visit our online calendar for some of the opportunities to connect or find a teacher in your area.

The 2024 Calendar of Full Moon dates are January 25th, February 24th, March 25th, April 24th, May 23rd, June 22nd, July 21st, August 19th, September 18th, October 17th, November 15th, December 15th

Yuan Tze Online Events

Every one-two months there is an online event where practitioners get to learn Yuan Tze’s profound teachings in a transformative Qifield. Those events are also great opportunities for the global Ren Xue community to connect, including shared Yuan Gong practices and what we call Tea & Qi sessions where participants can connect for lightly facilitated conversations and share their experiences and learnings. Check out Yuan Tze’s next event on our Learn REN XUE website.

Online Yuan Gong Teaching & Practice Classes

Many of our qualified teachers run online classes for both learning and practicing Yuan Gong and exploring the teachings of Ren Xue. Check out our Calendar for Online Classes on our Learn REN XUE website to find something that works for you. This is a special way to connect with practitioners from all over the world.

Global Awakening Day

Every year, on the first Sunday in October, the Ren Xue community gathers together in a very special Qifield to celebrate Global Awakening Day. This is an effort the Ren Xue community makes to help build the Qifield for humanity to awaken and take a direction that is beneficial for all. On this day all over the world, Ren Xue friends and practitioners find a special place in their environment to reflect and set intentions for the year to come. Read more about Global Awakening Day…

Personal Stories from the Ren Xue Community

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Celebrate REN XUE’s 20th Anniversary

Register to watch the recording of this special free online anniversary event with Yuan Tze on our Learn REN XUE website.

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