The mission of Ren Xue is Zi Du Du Ren,

‘uplifting our own life and helping others to do the same,’ upholding this mission can realign our worldview and values and set us firmly on the path to self-realization and wisdom.

The ren xue system

Three Foundational Theories of Ren Xue

With these theories at their foundation, Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming  become powerful tools for knowing ourselves, society and nature, changing and uplifting our own lives, attaining realization and wisdom, helping others, and creating harmony in society and with nature.

The Theory of Qi

Explains the laws of Qi and the role of Qi in the generation and transformation of the universe, nature, and life, including human life. Read more about Ren Xue’s Theory of Qi on our Ren Xue Wisdom page.

The Theory of Shen and Yi

Elucidates the development of Jingshen (heart, consciousness and Shen/True Self) in the human species and the role human Jingshen plays in life, society, and nature.  Read more on our Ren Xue Wisdom page about what is included in Ren Xue’s Theory of Shen and Yi (Consciousness).

The Theory of Totality

Describes the changes and movements of everything in the universe as manifestations of their individual laws and as part of the totality. This theory focuses on life as a total reality, or totality, including how parts relate to each other as well as to the whole.  Read more about Ren Xue’s Theory of Totality.

Yuan Gong - a Tool for Changing Life

Yuan Gong is a comprehensive Qigong  system.  It consists of three stages, with three methods in each stage. Each of the nine methods takes the practice to a deeper level and works on the physical body, Qi (sometimes called energy), and Jingshen (the heart, consciousness and Shen) in a unique way.

Yuan Gong is more than solely a Qigong practice; it is a way to cultivate life and offers a practical path for realizing the true meaning and value of life. Through consistent and dedicated effort the methods are tools that can be used to bring continual change to health and life and to help others safely and effectively.

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Yuan Ming - a Method for Healing the Whole Life

Yuan Ming is the healing discipline of Ren Xue with the three Ren Xue theories as its foundation. It is a new paradigm for achieving health and wellbeing and enhancing life as a whole. It is a natural, safe and effective discipline for helping others.

Facilitated by a trained practitioner, Yuan Ming works on Qi, heart and consciousness to effect change to the root causes that underlie problems, including illness. This can be done one-on-one, as a group or remotely with the practitioner and recipient(s) in different locations.

As with all of Ren Xue, the personal benefits of Yuan Ming are accompanied by more collective gains – not only can it promote health and harmonious relationship with ourselves, but it can also improve our relationships with family, society and nature.

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Go Deeper with REN XUE Wisdom

Glossary of Common Ren Xue Terms

Glossary of Common Ren Xue Terms

You will find as you start to explore Ren Xue that we use a lot of Chinese terms for core concepts.  To help you navigate this we have compiled some of the key terms you will find on this website.  Here are basic definitions and phonetics to help with pronunciation. ...

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Zi Du Du Ren

Zi Du Du Ren

‘Zi Du Du Ren’ is the mission of Ren Xue and in Ren Xue it is regarded as the ultimate way of realizing the purpose of life. The literal translation, “Help yourself, help others” clearly establishes the importance of including both components for the benefit of...

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The motto of Ren Xue

The motto of Ren Xue

Yuan Tong Ling Ming is the motto of Ren Xue life cultivation. It is the expression of the ultimate goal of personal life cultivation as well the path to reach the goal. Each of the four Chinese words in this motto has many rich and deep layers of meaning. The essence...

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Yuan Tze lifestyle

Who created Ren Xue?

Yuan Tze developed Ren Xue through the realization and wisdom he gained from his life cultivation. Ren Xue reflects his profound understanding of the law of life and the law of the universe.

Read more about Yuan Tze here

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What is Qigong and Yuan Gong?

Qigong is an ancient practice dating back five thousand years. Ren Xue integrates its own Qigong system called Yuan Gong with a modern understanding of health and wellbeing.

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What Is Qi?

Qi is a substance containing energy, information and material. It is the “building blocks” of the universe.  Qi is everywhere and in everything in the universe.

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