Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong is the beginning of the Ren Xue experience, which invites and encourages students to practice in order to expand and deepen their work on life. When we practice Yuan Gong, we enter into the process of life cultivation and automatically follow the law of life.

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Yuan Gong is a comprehensive Qigong system. It is a practice of beautiful moving and still meditations, using the body, Qi, heart, consciousness and Shen (True Self)

Yuan Gong is a comprehensive discipline that works on all components of life, including the body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and Shen. Practicing Yuan Gong helps to address problems on all these levels and uplift them to a higher level.

Developed by Yuan Tze in 2013, Yuan Gong’s foundations are deeply rooted in Ren Xue’s three theories (the Theory of Qi, the Theory of Shen and Consciousness, and the Theory of Totality). The nine methods of Yuan Gong are the fruit of Yuan Tze’s realization and wisdom attained through his life cultivation.

Safety and effectiveness are the core values of Yuan Gong and were what guided Yuan Tze in his development of the system.  Safety always comes first because effectiveness is meaningless without it.  Read more about Safety in Yuan Gong.

The scope of Yuan Gong goes beyond that of Qigong in the traditional sense: its ultimate goal is to help people attain realization and wisdom.  The system’s nine methods are arranged so that the practitioner can gradually deepen their work on Qi and then, with a good foundation of Qi, work safely on the heart and consciousness.

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Simply stated, Yuan Gong opens the heart,
allowing trust, openness, love gratitude and true respect to flow in.

Yuan Gong can help you

  • Increase Energy
  • Build Trust
  • Improve Relationships
  • Breathe Easy
  • Find Purpose
  • Cope with Pain
  • Progress on the Pathway to Realization and Wisdom

The Yuan Gong System

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During Yuan Gong practice awareness is guided to awaken the heart, facilitating a relaxed, calm and harmonious state, making the experience pleasant and profound.

Method 1 - Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan is a beautiful free flowing practice that can yield positive effects on health and the whole of life. Practitioners can experience the following benefits in a relatively short amount of time:

  • More vitality and energy
  • Increased mobility and relaxation in the shoulders and neck
  • Increased ability to maintain a calm state in daily life
  • A brighter outlook on life and an increased sense of wellbeing

The length of the practice can vary according to different needs or intended effects. It can be practiced for 5 minutes for a quick pick-me-up or can be done for 50 minutes for a deeper effect.

Method 3 - Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan is a fluid moving practice that helps to stretch and strengthen the body and unify the body, Qi and Jingshen (heart, consciousness and Shen/True Self).  Ren Yuan:

  • Works on the physical level, including the skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, bones and all of the organs
  • Opens the channels in the body and promotes the flow of Qi in these channels
  • Effects deep change on Qi directly in these physical parts and structures
  • Is beneficial for the prevention of illness and improvement of overall health

Method 2 - Di Yuan

Di Yuan is a standing form, which is traditionally practiced to build foundation, achieve stability and become grounded.   Some benefits of practicing Di Yuan are that it can:

  • Strengthen the physical body and improve musculoskeletal alignment
  • Help open the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips
  • Strengthen the mind and deepen an experience of the relaxed, calm state

Di Yuan practice can be varied according to the conditions of the practitioner and the length of time for practice can be freely adjusted, according to your needs and schedule.

Method 4 - Xia Yuan

The purpose of Xia Yuan is to strengthen the functions of the organs, prevent organ illness and continually improve organ health.

While it has complex elements of sounds, mind activity, visualization and hand forms, it is a simple method that is relatively easy to learn and practice, and is designed to be efficient so the practice is relatively short.

Method 5 & 6 - Zhong Yuan and Shang Yuan

Zhong Yuan, the Fifth Method of Yuan Gong, is designed to open the Ren channel (Ren Mai) and the Du channel (Du Mai) and for the initial opening of  the Central Channel (Zhong Mai).

Shang Yuan, the Sixth Method, is built upon the practice of the Fifth Method and is designed to deepen the opening of the Qi Centers and the Central Channel.

These two methods are built upon the previous four methods and they are meant to take practice to a deeper level. They belong to Still Qigong and consist of a series of special techniques.

Consideration for safety and effectiveness are at the core of Yuan Gong.  As such, certain safety criteria exist for the teaching of these two methods.  Ask your Ren Xue teacher before learning these methods.

Method 7 - Tong Yuan

The purpose of Tong Yuan is to open the heart (Xin). In Ren Xue, the heart is more than a physical organ – it is where your Xin Ling, or heart consciousness resides.

When Xin is open, the five essential heart qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing (true respect) will naturally manifest in every moment of life.

Tong Yuan has five parts, one Xin quality for each part. For each quality, there are three stages.

The whole method is performed by following verbal guidance and connecting and communicating with your heart. The method itself is quite simple, yet the effects are deep.

Read more about Tong Yuan, including how to learn the method and access audios to support your practice.

Method 8 - Ling Yuan

Ling Yuan is a very special method designed to help the practitioner effectively change patterns on the deep level of the consciousness through the manifestation of realisation and wisdom. It is a self-adjustment method which facilitates a deep internal communication between the pure heart and Shen (True Self), by engaging the heart to query Shen. With consistent practice, the practitioner will become increasingly aware of unhealthy patterns and grows the connection between the heart and Shen, so that Shen’s realization and wisdom become more and more present and active in transforming unhealthy patterns. Through consistent practice patterns can continually be changed and awareness, awakening and realizations can manifest and grow. The effectiveness of Ling Yuan comes from the foundations built through the application of the previous Yuan Gong methods, and it is recommended that practitioners have made good progress in their work of building up Qi, creating a calm and stable internal state, and building the Five Heart Qualities before starting Ling Yuan.

Method 9 - Ming Yuan

Ming Yuan, the last method of Yuan Gong, builds upon all the foundations built through the dedicated application of the previous eight methods.  It is the core and ultimate method of Yuan Gong life cultivation and a method that works on the fundamental level of realization and wisdom.  The purpose of the practice is to initiate, maintain and use Jue Cha (the awareness of our Shen of True Self.


What is Realization and Wisdom?

In Ren Xue, attaining higher realization and wisdom is the natural manifestation of achieving better health, harmony and living in the moment. It can be seen as the ultimate outcome of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong training on the personal level.

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What is Shen or the True Self?

Used interchangeably with terms such as ‘true self’, ‘true nature’ and ‘true master’, Shen is the Chinese term used to refer to the source of the consciousness.

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What Is Qi?

Qi is a substance containing energy, information and material. It is the “building blocks” of the universe.  Qi is everywhere and in everything in the universe.

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