Global Awakening Day

Every year, on the first Sunday in October, the Ren Xue community gathers together in a very special Qifield to celebrate Global Awakening Day.  All over the world, Ren Xue friends and practitioners find a special place in their environment to reflect and set intentions for the year to come. The next Ren Xue Global Awakening Day will be Sunday, October 6th, 2024.

What Is Awakening?

In Ren Xue awakening has two meanings. One is awakening to the reality that life is run by all kinds of unhealthy patterns (thoughts, behaviors, emotions) and is lost in the confusion and problems caused by them. When these unhealthy patterns are transformed, and the problems are cleared, one will gain clarity. This experience can feel like waking up from a long sleep.

The other layer of meaning refers to the state after the True Self manifests. Being in a state of pure awareness is awakening in a true sense.

I have every reason to believe that when we are on this path filled with determination and sincerity, we can expect to continually attain realization and wisdom. If more people participate, the world will be so much more hopeful and the future will be bright.’
Yuan Tze, Founder of Ren Xue

Watch our celebrations from around the world of Global Awakening Day 2023

Global Awakening Day Around the World


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How You Can Participate

Global Awakening Day is a day for yourself, for you to do something meaningful that you probably have always wanted to. You can use this special day to achieve unification—the unification of your own Jing (body), Qi (energy) and Shen (consciousness) and the unification of you, the world and the universe. It is also a day for you to return to your heart. From the most wonderful place in your heart, you can connect with everything and express your gratitude to nature, the universe, everything, and everyone.

You can also use this special day to envision what you would like to achieve in the year ahead and build the Qifield for it. Include your own growth and the work you aspire to do to help others and the world.

You can also use this special time to generously dedicate your best wishes for humanity and the world, from the very bottom of your heart

You can make this day (and any day) the most special day of your life. A day that you can dedicate your life to the benefit of the world.

Ren Xue Global Awakening Day Verbal Guidance


Global Awakening Verbal Guidance

by Yuan Tze | Recorded by Melissa Liu

Global Awakening Verbal Guidance

by Yuan Tze | Recorded by Olivia Hinds

Download & Listen


Ren Xue Global Awakening Day Verbal Guidance – Melissa

Ren Xue Global Awakening Day Verbal Guidance – Olivia

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Previous Years’ Celebrations

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