Global Awakening Day Interview with Yuan Tze

What is ‘awakening’ – how do you define it?

Awakening has two meanings. One is awakening to the reality that life is run by all kinds of unhealthy patterns and is lost in the confusion and problems caused by them. When the unhealthy patterns are transformed, and the problems are cleared, one will gain clarity. This experience can feel like waking up from a long sleep.

The other layer of meaning refers to the state after the True Self manifests. Being in a state of pure awareness is awakening in a true sense.

Why is it important – even essential – that humanity awakens?

The unhealthy patterns that dominate humanity have led to the creation and accumulation of problems. Some have become crises almost beyond the usual capacity of human beings to handle. Humanity is at a crossroads and to create a better future we need to make the right choice about the direction humanity should take. Where is a path that can promote the continual development of civilization? The only answer I can see is the immediate awakening of humanity. For this reason, we created Global Awakening Day, a symbolic event to draw attention to this important topic and share it with all members of the human family.

What do you think will happen if humanity does not ‘wake up’?

For a long time, we have been in the habit of going outward to voraciously seek and grab what we want. This is one of the most dominant, deeply-entrenched unhealthy patterns. Nothing seems enough to gratify the ever-growing greed. Ignorance and all kinds of aggressive behavior are commonplace. Violence and brutality are no longer seen as unusual. Social problems and environmental problems are not showing any signs of relief. On the contrary, they are accelerating. Where does hope for the future of humanity lie? This path that we have taken is no longer able to provide the security and order we are after. It is no longer a sustainable option.

What will prevent humanity from waking up?

When will this ongoing cycle of life dominated by unhealthy patterns leading to problems come to an end? This cycle has probably been going longer than one thinks. So long in fact, that it makes sense that we don’t know what we don’t know. But the only way to end it is to wake up. Clearing this ignorance is urgent. The only path that I can see to a brighter future is the awakening of humanity NOW.

Are you optimistic about humanity’s ability to wake up?

Every human being has the potential for infinite realization and wisdom. True awakening is necessary for realization and wisdom to manifest.

We have good reason to believe that most people want to be healthy, happy and experience a strong sense of wellbeing. They also want to grow and make a contribution to the world. However, seeking answers in the external world does not seem to get us closer to such a life. We need to wake up to the truth that all these treasures are within ourselves, and the best way to uncover them is to attain realization and wisdom. The moment when realization and wisdom manifest, we have it all.

How will the world change if we succeed in awakening? What will an awakened world look like?

When more and more people recognize the importance of realization and wisdom and make an effort to attain it, a collective consciousness, information and Qifield will start to form. When this field is strong enough, it will help establish a new value system and worldview which can truly support humanity to come back to a path of health and growth and for society to achieve true progress and harmony.

What one piece of advice would you give someone wishing to explore the journey of awakening?

We cannot control how long it will take for humanity to fully awaken, but as individuals we can each decide for ourselves whether we want to work on ourselves and create a new reality for our own lives. We should never underestimate the impact one person can make to people around us and to the world when we have made good progress in transforming unhealthy patterns and, as a result, realization and wisdom manifest.

It all starts with awakening to the need to change, for ourselves, the future generations, all forms of life and the planet earth.

Yuan Tze is the founder of Ren Xue—a practical and comprehensive approach for improving health, enhancing wellbeing, and living a wisdom-guided life.

The foundations of Ren Xue distills and combines ancient Chinese wisdom with Western philosophy, science, and medicine. The Ren Xue system and Yuan Tze’s ability to convey profound wisdom in the most accessible way, has had a huge impact on the hearts and minds of people around the globe.

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