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Join Yuan Tze for a three-day online workshop on the Theory of Qi—one of three theories that form the foundation of the REN XUE system and Yuan Gong practices.

During the event, Yuan Tze will explain what Qi is and the role it plays in the universe, nature, and human life. You will learn how to work on your own Qi, ways in which you can create and nurture Qifields, and how you can harness the vitality of these for the benefit of your own health and growth.

Over the three days, you will discover how this theory can have real and practical implications on life.

We have some practical tips and techniques to help you remain in a relaxed, calm and natural state during these challenging times.  Read more.

Harmony with yourself

Discover a deep sense of wellbeing.

Yuan Qigong is REN XUE’s practice of movements, postures and breathing designed to help us live more creative, adaptive lives in today’s challenging world.

Harmony with others

Share in the joy of a calmer, more harmonious life with those around you.

Living in a calm, relaxed and natural state influences everything and everyone around us. Our relationships improve.

Harmony with the world

Open your heart and nurture the realization that we are all in this together.

REN XUE teaches us how to live in greater harmony with nature and the world.


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Joy peace and love

Joy peace and love

With REN XUE, I am continually acquiring the tools and support to help me shift myself more and more into higher frequencies of joy, peace, and love. It’s hard to truly explain what living in this different energy feels like, but it just creates a deeper way of...

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