Ren Xue Teacher Program

The Ren Xue system offers a pathway to realization and wisdom.  Going deeper into the teachings and helping others are important steps on that pathway.  Learn more about our global Teacher Program and join our thriving community of over 600 Ren Xue teachers and teachers in training around the world.


REN XUE International oversees the global Ren Xue Teacher Program and is the qualifying body for all Ren Xue teachers.

We work closely with Ren Xue teachers and affiliates to support the global community of teachers through the teacher pathway from training and continuing education to support in their work as teachers.  Safety and effectiveness are at the heart of the Ren Xue system and the aim of our Teacher Program is to foster a thriving and growing cadre of teachers who have the support they need to teach to a high standard.  Throughout, Yuan Tze supports the ongoing development of our teachers to progress down the pathway towards realization and wisdom and fulfill the Ren Xue mission of:


Zi Du Du Ren – uplift our own life and help others to do the same.

Teacher Training

Ren Xue Teacher Training is far more than simply obtaining knowledge or acquiring skills. By applying these in-depth teachings to your own life you can build a deep and thorough understanding, ensuring you will not only help yourself but also others to grow in a profoundly transformative way.  Check out all the global offerings for Teacher Training on our Learn REN XUE website here.


Continuing Education

Within Ren Xue the potential for growth is endless, so learning and development does not end with completion of the teacher training.  Continuing Education is an area of development for REN XUE International and includes post certification training that both deepens teachers understanding of the system and builds skills to support the delivery of teaching.  It also includes the aim of supporting teachers to continually be progressing in their own personal development through the application of Ren Xue in their own lives.

Teacher Support

Over 600 Ren Xue teachers and teachers in training globally are supported through the Ren Xue Teacher Program with teaching resources, support calls, group supervision and connection points through Facebook and Zoom calls.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Ren Xue Teacher Program.

Code of Conduct

Ren Xue teachers are guided by a Code of Conduct to ensure that the services provided by qualified Ren Xue teachers are safe and effective.  Through this, teachers are encouraged to be genuinely willing to learn and apply Ren Xue teachings in order to gain more understanding of life and to change and elevate life.

Process for Raising a Concern

Our intention is to create an environment where a process for raising and addressing concerns not only ensures safety for all students/clients, but also supports teachers in their ongoing development. In this way, we support the opportunity for all concerned to learn and grow.

If a concern about Ren Xue or a Ren Xue teacher has come to your attention please don’t hesitate to contact our Norms & Ethics Council.

Read more about our process for raising a concern here.

Start learning from a qualified Ren Xue teacher

Teacher Directory

We have over 400 qualified teachers spanning the globe.  If you would like to connect with one for one-on-one learning, group or in-person practice classes, online classes, or Yuan Ming sessions, check out our Teacher Directory now.


Calendar for Online Classes

Many of our qualified teachers run online classes for both learning and practicing Yuan Gong and exploring the teachings of Ren Xue.  Check out our Calendar for Online Classes on our Learn REN XUE website to find something that works for you.