The Ren Xue Pathway

‘The purpose of Ren Xue is to better align human life with its governing laws. When we follow the laws of life, we can grow. The more profoundly we follow the laws, the more we grow. The more we grow as individuals, the more harmonious the world will be.’

Yuan Tze


Put very simply, Ren Xue is a wisdom system that provides a clear pathway for practitioners to achieve greater health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, realization and wisdom. It helps us find inner harmony through practices that elevate body, Qi, heart and consciousness, which in turn helps us find outer harmony – in our personal relationships, with society, and with nature.

Founded by Yuan Tze, it includes two distinct disciplines – Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming. Yuan Gong helps individuals improve health and find greater peace and harmony through a contemporary Qigong practice. Yuan Ming, facilitated through a trained practitioner, works on Qi, heart, and consciousness to effect change to the root causes of problems, including health problems, and uplift life. It is a health modality for healing the whole life.

Underpinning Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming is a comprehensive and unique theoretical system consisting of three theories – the Theory of Qi, the Theory of Shen and Yi, and the Theory of Totality.  You can read more about these features of the Ren Xue System here.

The REN XUE Pathway

Understanding the Purpose of Life

Humans have been searching hard to find the answer to this ultimate question. At the root of the many problems humans face is a lack of clarity of the purpose of life.

In Ren Xue, the purpose of life is expressed as the Five Treasures: health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, growth (through realization and wisdom) and contribution – and are all found naturally within each of us. They provide clear goals and the direction for life cultivation using Ren Xue as a guide. We believe they are relevant to every human being because when these natural treasures manifest and are consistently present all of humanity and nature will benefit.

If these qualities are natural to all humans, why are they not present more often? Firstly, unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving interfere with the manifestation of our true nature. Secondly, most people seek these treasures externally. This approach is ineffective and ultimately detrimental to ourselves, others, and nature.

Read more about the Five Treasures (also referred to as the Ren Xue High Five).

Understanding Totality in Order to Follow the Laws of Life

Totality is the truth of the reality of the universe. In Ren Xue, the Theory of Totality describes the true nature of totality by elucidating the major laws that govern the development of the universe, including the law of cause-and-effect, the law of changes and movements, and the law of opposition and unification. Those universal laws govern everything in the universe, including human life. Understanding the laws that govern human life is the way to gain true understanding of ourselves.

In Ren Xue the effort to deal with problems is based on the understanding of the law of life. Problems are the result of not living in accordance with the law of life and re-aligning ourselves with the law is the way to clear problems and repair the damage caused by them. Following the law of life, especially the components of life (body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and Shen/True Self) and their relationships, is also crucial in our effort to achieve the Five Treasures, especially realization and wisdom.

Yuan Gong is a tool designed with the understanding of the law of life. Yuan Gong practice is therefore an effective way to align ourselves with the law of life and achieve the outcome of clearing problems and achieving the Five Treasures.

Working on the Whole of Life to Uplift Life

Life is a totality that consists of the body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and Shen or True Self. These components are closely connected with one another, constantly having influence on one another. For the work on uplifting life to be safe and effective, all these components need to be included in life cultivation.

More importantly, the work on each component needs to be coherent with that of all the others. This is why a system is required. Based on the understanding of the law of life, including the law of each of these components and their relationships, the Ren Xue system takes a holistic approach by working on all of them to clear problems and achieve the Five Treasures.

Qi is where Ren Xue life cultivation starts as it plays an essential role in health and life. The Theory of Qi explains what Qi is, its relationship to health and life, and how everything we do can affect Qi. It also describes how emotions, patterns of the consciousness and even a thought can effect change to Qi.

Our Yuan Gong practice, especially the first six methods, builds our connection to Qi and increases an experiential understanding of what the Theory of Qi teaches us. The practice of these methods can help clear health problems and enhance health. Through this practice, our ability to maintain a relaxed, calm, natural, unified, and harmonious state will also greatly improve.

The foundation built through working on Qi greatly supports the work on the heart, consciousness, and Shen. Ren Xue aims to help practitioners build a harmonious and mutually-enhancing relationship between these components to put them on the path for uplifting life.


Taking an Internal Approach to Make Real Change

The Five Treasures are all innate qualities of human life. However, due to lack of understanding of life, we develop unhealthy patterns which not only determine how we relate to reality but also helps us create values that do not reflect the law of life. A major way those patterns control our lives is to drive us to pursue these treasures externally. For example, we are led to focus on satisfying our material and physical needs as the main way to gain happiness. This external way of living creates all sorts of problems, including personal problems and the crises we humans are collectively facing.

In Ren Xue we take an internal approach to uncover the Five Treasures. The main way to change life is to work directly on Jingshen, namely, the heart, consciousness, and Shen/True Self. This involves cultivating the Five Essential Heart Qualities (trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing or True Respect) to restore the heart to its natural, pure state, and more importantly, transforming unhealthy patterns.

The Theory of Shen and Yi explains the role of Jingshen in life, society, and nature and underpins Yuan Gong methods that support the internal work for the cultivation of the essential heart qualities and transformation of unhealthy patterns. This is also the way to facilitate the manifestation of the True Self.

Realization & Wisdom are the Key to a Harmonious World

When life is run by unhealthy patterns, we don’t see the true picture of reality. Therefore ignorance, or lack of wisdom, becomes the root cause of most problems humans face. Realization and wisdom is the antidote to ignorance, and therefore, is the fundamental solution to our problems.

Realization and wisdom is the natural ability of the True Self. When unhealthy patterns are dominant, the True Self is unable to manifest its ability. When unhealthy patterns are transformed, realization and wisdom will start to show and further transform unhealthy patterns. A positive cycle like this can move one’s realization and wisdom to a higher level. As more and more people achieve realization and wisdom, society will move forward, and realization and wisdom will become common features of the world. This is also how individuals, society, and nature can live in harmony, which is a core value of Ren Xue.

Ren Xue offers a clear Pathway to Realization and Wisdom. The methods theories and teachings are supported by its founder Yuan Tze, qualified Ren Xue Teachers and a global community of practitioners.

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What are the Five Treasures?

In Ren Xue, the purpose of life is expressed as the Five Treasures: health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, growth and contribution - and are all found naturally within each of us. They provide clear goals and the direction for life cultivation using Ren Xue as a guide.

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What is Shen or the True Self?

Used interchangeably with terms such as ‘true self’, ‘true nature’ and ‘true master’, Shen is the Chinese term used to refer to the source of the consciousness.

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What are the Heart Qualities?

The Five Essential Heart Qualities, or Five Xin - trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing (true respect), are a natural part of human life; humans are born with them. The manifestation of Five Xin plays a crucial role in wellbeing and growth.

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