Patterns of the Consciousness – An Introduction

Human consciousness naturally develops patterns as a way to be effective in its functioning in receiving, processing, storing, retrieving, and transmitting information. This effectiveness is crucial for survival, especially for our ancestors, when they needed to respond to potential threats in a timely manner. When reaching adulthood, most humans have established a network of patterns with numerous patterns connecting with one another. This network of patterns determines how the consciousness works with information, i.e., how we see, relate to, and respond to reality. It becomes the main dominant factor of life, determining what we think, how we feel, what we do, and how our lives are. Patterns become the auto-pilot of our lives.

The unhealthy patterns of the consciousness are the root causes of the problems we have in life. Whether it is a health problem or a life problem, a problem affecting an individual person or a problem plaguing society, without tackling unhealthy patterns effectively, it is unlikely that real, lasting change can be made.

Transforming unhealthy patterns plays a crucial role in uplifting life to a higher level, in how much the Five Treasures – health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, growth, and contribution – will manifest in life. Transforming unhealthy patterns also directly determines the chance of the manifestation of the True Self. This is why transforming unhealthy pattern is made THE most important work to do in Ren Xue life cultivation.

In Ren Xue we outline four steps for changing patterns:
Step 1: Developing good understanding
Step 2: Identifying problematic patterns
Step 3: Facing the problematic patterns
Step 4: Replacing the problematic patterns

In Yuan Gong system, these steps are incorporated in the 8th Method, Ling Yuan, for the purpose of changing patterns. This method works by engaging the heart and the True Self to communicate with each other. When practicing Ling Yuan, the interference of the patterns of the consciousness is kept inactive so the connection between the heart and the True Self can be built. The practice facilitates the True Self to become active and manifest its realization and wisdom in its response to the heart’s queries. When realization and wisdom manifests, unhealthy patterns can be transformed. The better the unhealthy patterns are transformed, the more realization and wisdom will manifest. They form a positive cycle enhancing each other.

These four steps can also be applied as a conscious process. However, because the consciousness is largely controlled by the patterns we try to change, changing patterns this way could be a drawn-out process with limited effect.

If you are keen to know more and want to start with Step 1 – we recommend reading Yuan Tze’s book Wellbeing Begins with You, which you can find on our Learn REN XUE website.

If you are ready to start learning the Yuan Gong methods that support our efforts to work on patterns check out our Learn REN XUE website to connect with a qualified Ren Xue teacher or Ren Xue organization to begin.


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