REN XUE International is the non-profit organization of Ren Xue founder, Yuan Tze. We are a registered charity based in New Zealand but work globally to share the teachings of Ren Xue and support its practitioners, teachers and organizations around the world.

Our purpose is to provide a clear path through Ren Xue for people to experience greater health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, realization and wisdom, and a meaningful way to contribute to the world.

Th e Organization

Our vision is a world where all people experience harmony – within their own lives, their personal relationships, society and with nature.

Yuan Tze and his partner and translator Melissa direct the Vision & Content for REN XUE International, and guide the development of Ren Xue and its body of teachings.  They live in New Zealand, but travel and run events regularly all over the world.  Melissa oversees the Teacher Training program.

rxi staff

The staff team at REN XUE International (RXI) is a global team made up of mostly part-time staff who are here to support you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us individually or through our various programs:

For general queries contact
For purchase, download or web shop queries contact
For website issues, including Learn REN XUE or Teacher Directory login issues contact
For all communications queries (website and email content) contact
For our REN XUE concerns process contact
For Teacher Program general queries and support for teachers contact
For Yuan Tze events support contact

Trina King

Executive Director
Wellington, New Zealand
Contact Trina

Trina supports a global team of staff, contractors and volunteers that enable the work of RXI.  She also supports global development with the Global Council and affiliate organizations.  She is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, member of the Norms & Ethics Council and Trustee of REN XUE Australasia.

Mary Bordi

Systems Manager
Brisbane, QLD Australia
Contact Mary

Mary enjoys designing efficient systems and processes to support the work of RXI. She is a member of the tech team responsible for filming and livestreaming Yuan Tze’s events. She is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, member of the Norms & Ethics Council and Trustee of REN XUE Australasia.

Annie Gagnier

Operations Manager
Sunshine Cost QLD Australia
Contact Annie

Annie is passionate about creating integrated work processes that support the day-to-day operations of RXI. She loves finding solutions to make workflows more efficient, supportive and enjoyable for all members of the RXI team. She enjoys practicing Yuan Gong and is excited to continue her study of the Ren Xue system through the teacher training program.

Vanessa Lukes

Teacher Program Manager
Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact Vanessa

Vanessa works with the Teacher Program Team to develop and support REN XUE Teachers. She is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, and loves teaching Ren Xue and Yuan Gong in her own classes and working with Yuan Ming.

Simon Sangmeister

Ren Xue Resource Coordinator
Rengsdorf, Germany
Contact Simon

Simon manages the creation and distribution of teaching materials. He works closely with the Teacher Program Team in their efforts to support the teaching community with quality resources. He is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, involved in delivering the Guided Teacher Training (E-Learning) and a founding member of REN XUE Europe.

Olivier Oh

Teacher Program Coordinator
Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact Olivier

Olivier works with the Teacher Program Team to support Teachers and Trainees. He initially found Yuan Gong in 2020 and has been practicing since. He is looking forward to starting his Teacher Training to deepen his understanding and appreciation of the gifts Ren Xue has to offer.


Jackie Blunt

Practice Development Manager
Golden Bay, New Zealand
Contact Jackie

Jackie supports Ren Xue practitioners in their teaching, practice and development across a range of areas including research, ethics, continuing education and development, and practice standards. Jackie is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, a founding member of the MHA (Mental Health Advisory Team), and part of the Norms & Ethics Council and the Research team. She loves to teach classes and help people in one on one sessions using Ren Xue and Yuan Ming practice and has a special interest in Yuan Ming practice and its development.

Kelly Snyder

Communications Coordinator
Bellevue, Washington State, USA
Contact Kelly

Kelly helps keep the Ren Xue community informed through various communications including the newsletters, Full Moon mailers and Yuan Tze event details.  She enjoys working with staff and teachers from around the world to help share the many ways people can continue growing through Ren Xue.  Kelly is a Level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher, and the teacher training demonstrator.  She is a founding member of Uplift Yourself in Bellevue, Washington.


Olivia Hinds

Kentucky-Ohio, USA
Contact Olivia

Olivia is responsible for the creation and implementation of Ren Xue’s art, design and branding. She works closely with several Ren Xue affiliates and helps to ensure that the spirit of Ren Xue is exemplified visually in the many creative efforts of the organization. Olivia also creates videos for RXI events, and is the voice behind RXTV’s productions of Yuan Tze’s Full Moon Messages. Beyond her work with Ren Xue, Olivia is an artist, web designer, writer, and mother. She lives with her husband, baby, and parents on their family farm in Kentucky where together they run their family business.


Jay Glubb

Social Media Coordinator
Dunedin, New Zealand
Contact Jay

Jay creates content for RXI’s social media and runs the Ren Xue Instagram account, Facebook page and manages the Facebook group. Jay is a level 6 qualified REN XUE Teacher. He teaches online with the Shine-Bright-Centre, in person in his local community and enjoys helping people in one on one sessions.

Chris Dunaway

Events Coordinator
Richmond, California, USA
Contact Chris

Chris started working with Ren Xue through REN XUE of the Americas (RXA) in 2014 and supports both RXI and RXA in many of Yuan Tze’s events, whether online or in person.  She loves being a part of the Ren Xue community and looks forward to seeing everyone in person in the future.

We would also like to acknowledge our previous staff members who contributed so much to the development of RXI – Gary Simons, Marsha Moore (who continues to contribute to RXI projects), Bridget Baker and Satya Levine.

The staff team are supported by a large group of contractors and volunteers made up of REN XUE Teachers and practioners around the world.  We would like to acknowledge and thank:

The Yuan Tze Events Tech Team:

  • Vlado Rashev
  • Fraser Lau
  • Mary Bordi
  • Munazza Bukhari

All the REN XUE Teachers who contribute to Yuan Tze’s events and the REN XUE Teacher Program – and every teacher for devoting so much to the shared mission of Zi Du Du Ren through their teaching.

All the volunteers that contribute to the development of Ren Xue around the world.  Countless hours of setting up and running programs and organizations, translating, developing resources…the list is long and we’re eternally grateful.


REN XUE International’s governance is made up of volunteers.  The Trust Board guides the strategic direction, purpose and priorities of the organization, and provides oversight to the operations of the organization.

RXI Trust Board

Melissa Liu
Wellington, New Zealand

Rhonnie Seager
Marahau, New Zealand

Cat Alker
Onekaka, New Zealand

Tim Stevenson
Wellington, New Zealand

We would also like to acknowledge our previous Trustee Richie Knight for his contributions.


Global Council

The role of the Global Council is to support and facilitate global Ren Xue development.  The Global Council advises RXI on policy that guides global development, develops and implements global strategy and collectively undertakes global initiatives.  It is made up of representatives from the continental affiliate organizations.

Melissa Liu
REN XUE International
Wellington, New Zealand

Louise Pannell
REN XUE Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Kirsty Abrahams
REN XUE Australasia
Whitecliffs, New Zealand

Cathy Fox
REN XUE Europe
Roscommon, Ireland

Jana Chamales
REN XUE of the Americas
San Francisco, California, USA

We would also like to acknowledge our previous Global Council members who contributed so much to the development of RXI – Arne Nordgren, Ollie Clifton, Johnny Harris, Shane Ricketts and Sally Hinds.

Norms & Ethics Council

The Ren Xue Norms & Ethics Council is responsible for safeguarding the healthy development of Ren Xue.  This is done in various ways across the system, including supporting Yuan Tze events, the Ren Xue Teacher Program, Ren Xue Teachers and Affiliate organizations, and overseeing a formal process for raising concerns.  They are supported by a wider network of health professionals.

If a concern about Ren Xue or a Ren Xue Teacher has come to your attention please don’t hesitate to contact the Norms & Ethics Council.

Read more about our process for raising a concern here.

Trina King
Wellington, New Zealand

Mary Bordi
Brisbane, Australia

Steph Ross
Courtenay, BC, Canada

Jackie Blunt
Golden Bay, New Zealand

We are grateful to the members of the Mental Health Advisory Team who support the work of the Norms & Ethics Council:

  • Jackie Blunt
  • Bill McMillan
  • Monica Simms
  • Rich Danon
  • Aiyanna Langemeijer

We would also like to acknowledge previous Norms & Ethics Council members Amy Carson, Claire Langely and Sally Hinds.