The Five Treasures


Humans have been searching hard to find the answer to this ultimate question. At the root of the many problems humans face is a lack of clarity of the purpose of life.

In Ren Xue, the purpose of life is expressed as the Five Treasures (or Ren Xue High Five). These are Five Treasures naturally found within each of us. They provide clear goals and the direction for life cultivation using Ren Xue as a guide. We believe they are relevant to every human being because when these natural treasures manifest and are consistently present all of humanity and nature will benefit.

Check out our Glossary of Ren Xue Terms page if some of the Ren Xue terms aren’t clear.


If these qualities are natural to all humans, why are they not present more often? Firstly, unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving interfere with the manifestation of our true nature. Secondly, most people seek these treasures externally. This approach is ineffective and ultimately detrimental to ourselves, others, and planet earth.

In Ren Xue, we take an internal approach to seeking these treasures. Through changing unhealthy patterns, we clear the way for our true nature to express itself. Of the five treasures, the last two, growth and contribution, are the most important ones.



Health refers to the health of the whole life. Life consists of three main components – Body, Qi and Jingshen. Therefore, the health of all three components should be considered.

Body – Health means the body functions well, experiences good energy levels, has no major illness, and is able to heal and rebalance itself fairly effectively.

Qi – A healthy Qi condition exists when:

1) there is a good amount of Qi in the body,

2) the flow of Qi is not impeded,

3) the quality of Qi is good.

Jingshen – Jingshen consists of the heart, consciousness and Shen (or True Self). The basic manifestation of a healthy Shen is a relaxed, calm, natural, unified, integrated and harmonious state. More advanced manifestations include:

1)  the presence of the five essential qualities of the heart on a more consistent basis,

2) the activities of the consciousness contribute to a healthy state and benefit life,

3) the achievement of realization and wisdom (the manifestation of the True Self).

Note: The five essential qualities of the heart are Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude, and Gongjing, or True Respect.


Happiness is a joyous feeling that arises spontaneously from a relaxed, calm and natural state. It is not the usual happy emotion experienced when external conditions are satisfied. True happiness is a state of being, which is unconditional and therefore constantly present. This happiness arises from the chest and can be felt in the whole body as though every cell in the body is smiling.


A strong sense of wellbeing is a feeling of profound joy and contentment. This feeling freely arises from within, encompassing every aspect of life. It is a whole and complete state independent from the influences of external conditions. HEALTH and HAPPINESS contribute greatly to the formation of a sense of wellbeing.


Growth refers to the development of realization and wisdom. Realization and wisdom are the innate abilities of Shen, the True Self. In Ren Xue, cultivation of realization and wisdom is the most effective way to achieve the previous three treasures. Growth is achieved through cultivating the five essential heart qualities, transforming unhealthy patterns and maintaining Jue Cha (Shen’s awareness and observation).


In Ren Xue, this fifth treasure is how one realizes the value of life. The base of contribution is personal growth. From this foundation, a person can live in a way that benefits society and nature and help others achieve the above four treasures. Without contributing, life is incomplete no matter how much personal growth one has achieved. Contribution is the ultimate expression of the treasures. It is also the way to truly transform humanity and human culture and solve the serious crises and problems humans face.

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