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Jue Cha – The Essential Conditions

Jul 5, 2020

Jue Cha is the ability of Shen (also known as the True Self) to be aware and observe. It is different from being aware and observing in the usual way of using the sensory organs, the consciousness and brain to perform it. In most people, Shen cannot manifest its function because the consciousness is in the driver seat, and what it does is generally determined by all the patterns there. In these situations, this simply leaves no room for Shen to be effective.

Even though your Shen is unable to do much, it is always there waiting to show up when the conditions are right. The good news is that it is up to you to create these conditions. Two of the essential conditions can be applied in Jue Cha practice. One of them is your state. What is the state that can facilitate the manifestation of your Shen? It is the relaxed, calm, natural, integrated, unified and harmonious state, with Five Xin as its background. When you are in this state, the unhealthy patterns of the consciousness will become inactive and will no longer block your Shen as they usually do. The other condition is your sincere invitation to your Shen to exercise Jue Cha. The true intention needs to be present.

It takes effort and practice to build and strengthen these two conditions. The better you do, the better the chance for your Shen to take the lead over your patterns and to manifest its Jue Cha. When Jue Cha is at work, realization can develop anytime.

You may wonder how you will know if your Jue Cha is at work? How do you know it is not the awareness and observation of your consciousness? There is a clear distinction between them. Take their work on patterns as an example. Say, you are upset. Through your observation, you become aware that you’re upset and the possible patterns that are triggered. If it is your consciousness at work, you are likely to continue to feel upset despite the awareness. However, when it is your Jue Cha at work, there is a good chance that the patterns will be identified, faced, and changed all at once—this could happen instantly or in a matter of minutes. More importantly, the upset will disappear, and you will feel very much nourished immediately. Furthermore, when Jue Cha works very well, you will be able to see the activation of patterns at the very start before they become thoughts that result in you being upset, and you will be able to transform them right there. In this instance, these patterns will become largely inconsequential.

Yuan Tze


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