Yuan Tze on the Causes of Conflict and How to Move Beyond it

Dear Ren Xue family,

I am aware that some of you are having a hard time watching the world going through upheavals. Many people are suffering unimaginable pain and even loss of life. I understand that this is the time we can easily fall into despair and question our very own existence. Why would we inflict the senseless brutality on one another? Is there really nothing we can do to help? Is there ever any hope for the future?

Although peace is greatly valued in society, conflict has been part of human life since the beginning of time despite the effort to resolve conflict. In the past ten years, we have seen that the pieces contributing to the destabilization of the world are growing bigger and gathering more momentum, and this is only just the beginning of the trajectory.

Knowing how to navigate treacherous waters is more important than ever. Is it unfortunate to live in this era? This way of thinking does not help and is clearly the work of many patterns. What humanity is going through is neither good nor bad, it is just what it needs to go through. Really? All the suffering is necessary?

Think about the causes of all the conflicts humanity gets into. Aren’t they all the unhealthy patterns we humans have, in each and every one of us? These patterns drive us to activate our survival instinct and operate on this level. When it comes to protecting and expanding self-interest, sacrificing the higher values we cultivate and forsaking the higher qualities of human life often becomes an option.

When this is the way we operate, conflict is only inevitable. Any measure is justified to gain victory and be successful in securing self-interest. This is the game humans have played for thousands of years. If there is no change to the unhealthy patterns, how would it stop?

It won’t stop until we have truly learned the lesson and sincerely embarked on what is necessary to make a real change, that is, transforming the unhealthy patterns. This is the way the universe tells us that we still have a lot of work to do. This is the act of the laws of the universe. Some may wonder why is the universe cruel to us. It is quite the opposite. The universe has so much love for us that it has been giving us the opportunities to change along the way for a long time and hasn’t given up on us. Whenever we can open our hearts to receive its love and listen to its wisdom, suffering will stop. The good news is every human being has what it takes to achieve this.

I hope you can truly see that what you do to grow your own life is part of the work necessary for the transformation of humanity, for ending suffering. I understand the feeling of hopelessness as one person’s change can seem so insignificant when there are billions of us in the world. For this, I would suggest that we expand our view to a much larger time scale, reviewing the thousands of years we have been through and look ahead at the many thousands of years to come. It may be a long process of transformation. The effort required is the same no matter where we are on this long timeline.

The universe has provided us a feasible way to do it – via the heart. The power of trust, openness, love, gratitude, and gongjing is infinite. It can free ourselves from distress and bring true peace to life. It can open the door to our True Self. It can create the resonance that goes out to uplift the Qifield of the world. It can reach the hearts of those in need and bring light to them.

Let’s use the Heart Prayer to make it happen.

Yuan Tze

Download printable versions of Yuan Tze’s message here and the Heart Prayer here.


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