The Theory of Totality

The Theory of Totality is one of three theories that form the foundation of the Ren Xue and its two application systems – Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming. This theory has absorbed relevant teachings and wisdom from both traditional Chinese culture and modern science. It can be seen as a ‘natural product’ of Yuan Tze’s realization and wisdom gained through lifelong exploration of the fundamental nature of the universe and life, his personal work in developing human potential and his life cultivation.

The meaning of Totality in Ren Xue

Totality is the fundamental nature and truth of the universe. The reality of the universe is that it is a system with all its constituent parts connected and working together. The universe is a totality and each part of the universe can be seen the same way. In other words, everything in the universe, however big or small, is itself also a totality . A galaxy is a totality ; an atom is also a totality This can be expressed by the Chinese saying, ‘You can see the whole world from a grain of sand’. (一粒沙看世界)

The theory of totality covers:

  1. The Core Components of Totality
  2. The Origin and Development of the Universe
  3. The Living Planet Earth
  4. The Totality of Time and Space
  5. The Totality of Human Life
  6. Totality and the Development of Human Civilization and World Harmony

As individuals establish total consciousness, that is, an ability to directly experience, respect, and create change to totality, not only will their own lives develop, but their relationships with others and nature will also become more harmonious.

Society is a totality comprised of individuals. If more and more individuals embark on a journey toward total consciousness, mainstream human culture may start to change. For example, human beings will start to focus on self- development and turn an externally oriented life to an internally oriented life. Instead of pursuing wealth, fame and status, they will focus more on health, happiness, well-being, and growth. Instead of going all out to feed their desires and greed, they will invest their time and effort in personal growth and giving. Instead of serving self-interest, they will work with others in a way that will enable all to share and benefit. Instead of harboring hatred and being cruel, they will foster harmony, mutual benefit, mutual support, and love. Instead of being concerned only about themselves, they will nurture gratitude and Gongjing. They will also make an effort to improve their understanding of life and develop wisdom, so that
life will no longer be in a state of ignorance.

When human consciousness and behavior have undergone changes at the fundamental level, humans as a species will have the opportunity to evolve and make a breakthrough. This will put human culture and civilization on a fast track for progress.

How can I learn more about this topic?

The Theory of Totality is taught in Level Three of the Six-Level Ren Xue Teacher Training.


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