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The Illusion of Control with Over-Generalization

Oct 28, 2023

We want to know because the unknown breeds a sense of uncertainty. However, grasping the whole picture is never simple. So human nature has worked out a way to simplify, to make the task of knowing easier, and it is over-generalization. With this handy tool, we can avoid getting lost in the labyrinth of complexity and swiftly conclude the story. We don’t need to live with the uncertainty created by not knowing. We really don’t like uncertainty because it means things can get out of our control at any time. Yes, over-generalization brings the sense of certainty and control we so very much value.

It is time to shatter illusions and face reality. We think we see the whole picture while in truth what we see is a very small piece of it. Even this small piece may not be true. This‘whole’ picture we conjure with our imagination looks nothing like the true picture. But it doesn’t seem to pose an obstacle to our addiction to forming value judgments and passing them on. Think about where all the biases and prejudices come from! Think about the harm they do to individuals and humanity as a whole! Is it ever possible for the world to have true peace and harmony when this is the way judgments are made?

Control is another addiction and an even bigger illusion. The need to control is driven by an array of patterns on a very deep level. Control makes us feel like we are in charge and can determine how things go. We feel empowered and important when we have the control knobs in our hands. We can judge and decide what kind of person someone is. We can decide whether or not things should change, and if they should, how. This gives us a sense of certainty and security. However, all this is just an illusion our patterns want us to see. The reality is ever-changing but the patterns make up a little illusory reality that is fixed and does not have much to do with the true reality. We cozy up with this illusion and get addicted to the safety and comfort it brings. Look into the feeling of power and control when labelling or stereotyping something or someone, or passing your value judgments on them. Think whether there is anything that you truly have control over! Can you control what is happening in the world? How everything goes in life? How other people see you? It is time to do a reality check. What power do we have and what is it for? We have enormous power but it is not for serving the illusion of control. The real power we have is the power of our heart and True Self. This power enables us to stay true and in touch with reality.

The power of our heart and True Self allows us to recognize the true qualities and values of everything. It works by reflecting and resonating with the truth. The job of this power is not controlling or seeking a false sense of certainty through tricks such as over-generalization. When using this power properly, we won’t feel uncomfortable or restless with the “vacuum” left by not over-generalizing. This is the true power of our being!

Yuan Tze


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