Full Moon Message

Find Trust in Your Heart

Nov 27, 2023

Trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing (true respect) are natural qualities of the heart. Furthermore, we have the capability of manifesting these qualities without any conditions.That is to say, it is possible not to lose them no matter what happens in life. And this is the potential of EVERYONE’S heart. If this is not a miracle, what is?

Have you wondered how we got so lucky? Well, we have a lot to be thankful for because this is not just a random occurrence. This is the outcome of a long process of development. Under the guiding force of the universe, the human species finally emerged. The human species has the heart and Shen that are very close to the fundamental nature of the heart and Shen of the universe. In other words we, as a species, have inherited the wisdom and qualities of the universe, including the Five Xin, and the potential to manifest them. We owe this to the universe and all the lives before us.

This development process is not done yet. We are at the stage where we are still relatively ignorant of the potential we have, let alone manifesting it. The potential is so huge that it is beyond our comprehension. It is fair to say that when the potential of the heart and Shen fully manifest, we are ready to take a big step forward in this process of development and the fundamental qualities of human nature will undergo great transformation. It could even be a leap to a new species!

So it makes sense to say that the meaning of our current level of development is to manifest the potential of our heart and Shen. Now whose job is it? Clearly we no longer are simply at the mercy of natural forces. At this stage, our consciousness has full autonomy, namely we have the ability to find motivation within ourselves and make our own choices and decisions. We just need to make sure that our motivations and choices will contribute positively to this development. We can say this is the common purpose of our species at this stage.

With autonomy comes responsibility. We have long passed the stage where we can focus solely on our own everyday survival like most other species do. We have the ability to steer the direction of our own development, individually and collectively.

The universe will continue to guide us along the way as it has always. The universe has built into us the capability of accessing it by means of our heart and Shen. Not only that, it has made the heart an easy entry point as most of us can find it without too much trouble. Each and every one of us can connect and communicate with the universe and resonate with its wisdom.

How to begin this? By freeing your heart from all the distress that has been suffocating it, and giving it a chance to breathe and relax. Trust can do it. Go into your heart and find trust there. Trust is the best antidote for fear. Trust is the best remedy for uncertainty. Trust is the best substitute for control. When your heart is free, you will find that you are much closer to the universe than you think. The more trust you feel, the closer you are. Finding trust in your heart is a journey back to the source of your life, to realize the full potential the universe has meant for us all along.

Yuan Tze

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