Glossary of Common Ren Xue Terms

You will find as you start to explore Ren Xue that we use a lot of Chinese terms for core concepts.  To help you navigate this we have compiled some of the key terms you will find on this website.  Here are basic definitions and phonetics to help with pronunciation.  You can also download a pdf here.

Di [dee]

As in Di Yuan – the earth; big land; static; stillness

Dao [dow]

The fundamental law of the universe: the law of how everything develops positively and continually with ongoing, uplifting force.

Gongjing [gong jing]

True respect and humility.

Jing [jing]

The physical body and all parts of it, including organs and cells; the human body is a concentrated form of Qi. It is constantly transforming to and from formless physical Qi.

Jingshen [jing shern]

The non-physical/non-Qi aspects of life; heart (Xin), consciousness (Yi) and Shen. In a natural, healthy state, Jingshen is relaxed, calm, natural, unified, integrated, and harmonious.

Jue Cha [jueh tscha]

Shen’s awareness and observation.

Kaixin [kai sheen]


Qi [chee]

Life force, energy; the most basic building block of everything in the universe; an integrated form with energy, material and information which is constantly in the process of change.

Qigong [chee gong]

A self-training method that uses the consciousness, breathing (Qi), and the body (postures and movement), to effect continuous, positive changes in Qi, leading to improvement in health and elevation of consciousness.

Ren Xue [ren shueh]

The teaching of human life

Shen [shern]

The true self; the source of consciousness (Yi).

Tian [tien]

1) As in Dantian: area; field that nourishes life

2) As in Tian Yuan: the universe; heaven; sky

Tong [tong]

Free flowing, without barriers

Xin [sheen]

Heart; specifically, the manifestations of the Shen and Qi of the heart, rather than the physical organ.

5 Xin (Wu Xin) [woo sheen]

Five essential qualities of the heart: trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing (true respect).

Xin Ling [sheen ling]

Heart consciousness.

Xinmen [sheen men]

Gate of the heart.

Yi [ee]

Consciousness; the mind, thoughts and thinking.

Yin and Yang [een yaang]

Two opposite qualities, which are constantly interchanging and transforming into each other in order to reach a balance; There is always Yin within Yang, and Yang within Yin.

Yuan [yuen]

Circle; round shape; complete; whole; perfect; smooth.

Yuan Gong [yuen gong]

Yuan Gong is a core component and subsystem of Ren Xue. It is a comprehensive Qigong life cultivation system. The ultimate purpose of Yuan Gong life cultivation is to attain realization and wisdom.

Yuan Ming [yuen ming]

Yuan Ming is a subsystem of Ren Xue. Also known as “Totality Healing”, it is a modality for healing and uplifting life.

Zi Du Du Ren [dzer doo doo ren]

The mission of Ren Xue: help yourself and help others; Zi = self; Du = ferry; Ren = people

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