Let me tell you about a man and his dream
Yuan Tze, a landscape architect,
dreamed of cultivating a beautiful garden of Wisdom
that all could come to,
– starting only with a large Qi field

He had done a lot of research into wisdom gardens
And had a lot of respect for other gardeners
But the garden in his dream was different
It was a very special design, different to any other garden that existed
He designed special tools to make it easier to cultivate the garden
and he told people of his bold design

They were inspired, and began to help him change the Qi field
Some came on board early on and cultivated the soil and planted young trees
Foundation stones were laid, four cornerstones and stepping stones were positioned
A place was found for a gratitude garden,
and there were quiet corners with ponds for reflection
Various patterns were considered when planning the flower-beds
Different options were tried, until the best flow was achieved

There were also lots of open spaces, which Yuan Tze said was important
And as word spread around the world
They began to come from far and wide
They came from Sweden and decided to dig a river (they called it a Fjord)
So the flowing water could nourish all the plants
WONDER-full people came from the USA, and planted bright colourful flowers
They came from Holland, and added a bike path
And from many other countries they came, adding more and more colour to the garden

There were some very were experienced gardeners who tended all the plants very carefully,
watering them every day and sending them a lot of love and respect
Others came along and threw some wildflower seeds here and there,
just taking joy in the garden as it grew
Some people were very good at building bridges
To connect all the parts together

As the design grew, the people began to feel very unified and full of joy
They supported each other and grew together, just like a big family
The plants flourished, due to the special 5 Xin plant food
Humans and nature were growing side by side, as though they were one
Then by some magic trick, it was found that right in the middle of the garden
Was a spot where the sun always shone, day and night

Two of the diligent gardeners from Portugal and New Zealand came across it first
And told the others of this magical place
That filled them with a sense of freedom, joy and peace
But the path to this place required very good balance and determination
And not everyone was ready for all the steps
Yuan Tze has added signposts to make the way clearer
And soon more people will experience this magical place

The garden in Yuan Tze’s dream is now realised
And those who have been involved are full of gratitude
When they look into their hearts
they see the garden growing out into the whole world


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