I used to like writing as a child. Somewhere and sometime in adulthood it fell away.

It seems to have re-emerged with the onset of Tong Yuan a few years ago. But now it is different. It is sometimes healing, sometimes confirmation of my learning and sometimes like a little gift I had no idea was inside. When it comes out this way, I think of it as Ling Yuan Steph style. Ren Xue themes are usually woven through them. This is the latest.

Voice of a New World Calling

Intricate bones remain;

           nothing in between

Skeletal teachers of past;

           waiting to transform

Death undresses us.

Paddle from the idol of material goods placed before relationship

Cast away the Achilles of that time and culture;

           pain in the instep of soul

We cannot dam the consequences;

           instead, look deeply at the words imprinted on our consciousness

Courage rebuilds our marrow.

We must hear the futility in building the tiny house of self

We must see the sense of ownership give way to community

We must feel deep relationship grasp the paddle

Hearts rouse our larger purpose.

Rewrite our story;

        run naked to the shoreline!

Carve that into the driftwood boat

Bind the sacredness into clear perspective

Hold our collective beauty and slip into the ocean

Precious life will renew. Whispering us a soft new skin.

-by Stephanie Ross

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