Full Moon Message

Unconditional Love

Aug 11, 2022

Unconditional love is a natural quality of your heart. When you settle into your heart and allow yourself to trust and open up, love will naturally emerge. The moment you feel it, the world will change instantly. All you see is beauty and everything is bright. Nothing will weigh you down because all is perfect.

We all have the potential to feel unconditional love, and the universe holds the key to that. Why the universe? Because it is the source of unconditional love. Yes the universe has a heart that manifests all the amazing heart qualities. What we need to do is unify with the universe. When we do so, we are back with the source of our hearts. It is as though we have found our roots and are able to recognize them from within.

The universe’s love is everywhere. It is present in everything it creates, a bird, a flower, a human being, a planet. Its unconditional love is a powerful driving force for positive development. Without love, there wouldn’t be so much beauty and harmony in its creations. The universe loves everyone without being selective. As soon as we open our hearts, we can feel the endless love from the universe. The unconditional love is selfless. The universe does not love for its own gain. It does not claim any credit or expect anything in return. It does not seek to take ownership. It is simply pure love and that is how it can be so nourishing and uplifting. The unconditional love can heal so there will be no more hurt, no more fear, no more sorrow.

Your heart has inherited the power of unconditional love from the universe. There is no limit to the transformation your love can bring. You can create beauty and harmony in your own life and help other people to do so. Your love doesn’t need to be selective. Unconditional love is like sunshine. It radiates and sheds light on everything. You can touch everyone you encounter with your true love. You can love in a selfless way. No condition is needed and no weighing up of loss and gain. Only pure love. Love will heal so you will no longer have pain and suffering. You can also help others to heal, bringing hope to their lives.

Why limit the way you love? Liberate yourself from all the unnecessary conditions. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated like a puppet on a string. You can love freely. Start with loving yourself. Love everything that makes you you. Open your heart and shower yourself with your unconditional love. Find out how your love can heal and transform yourself. When you talk down to yourself or engage in any self-sabotaging act, it is a sign that you need the nourishment of love. Connect with your heart and feel love for yourself, and see what happens to your body, your Qi, your heart, your consciousness and True Self.

When you manifest this unconditional love to the outer world, you will realize you are no longer just yourself. You are activating the power of the universe to transform the world.

Yuan Tze

Experience this message on Unconditional Love as a meditation on REN XUE TV

If you would like to learn more about Unconditional Love, check out our Learn REN XUE website for the Replay of Yuan Tze’s Transforming Patterns for Unconditional Love online workshop that was run in July 2022 as part of the Removing the Barriers to Your Heart series.


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