The idea for the “Qi Experiment” came to me after the April 2018 Wonder Valley Retreat. It was so powerful, and with the Sweden and Wainui retreats building the Global Qifield, I felt that I needed to focus deeply on practice to support Consciousness changes, and it all needs Qi! Plus, we could build on the information of Enlightenment in the Qifield, the support we have for each other and use our time for growth and realizations. In the spirit of all this, I sent out an invitation to co-create a “Qi Experiment” to California participants of the retreat and perhaps it made it to facebook, I don’t know, but the intention was for everyone who wishes to join.

The Qi Experiment had Two Parts:

1) The Universe had gifted me a small and humble place to teach EVERY day from June 8-July 16th. I offered daily practice sessions during this 6-week period, made an online calendar (thanks to a generous tech-helper) and put in other local teachers’ classes and workshops. For the practice sessions, my goal was to encourage daily practice, build a stronger Qifield with us practicing together, and make it easy for all to join. Participants were able to drop-in either on-line or in-person. Several teachers were also able to use my space and Zoom account to offer classes/practice/discussion sessions and several more teachers were kind and generous to step-in for me when life needed me to be elsewhere at times.

2) Journaling and Reviewing. Participants were invited to attend as many practice sessions and classes as possible for them during this 6-week period. Through Daily Journaling, they were invited to do a small review of their day, their week, and eventually the six-week period. Journaling would encourage observing any changes REN XUE practice brings to health, happiness, growth, healthier communications, consciousness changes and emotions.

I am grateful to say that the feedback from participants was positive and the Qi Experiment was extended into October.  Here’s some feedback:

“I wanted to thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to participate in your Qi Experiment. It is really making a difference in my life as I am more motivated to prioritize this time since I have the awesome privilege of practicing with you and the REN XUE community – and this more regular practice with everyone gives me more Qi and better quality Qi and better flowing Qi. And I trust that when this experiment is over, I will have a better foundation to continue my own daily practice.  I feel a lot more calm, relaxed and natural, and thus have more resilience in facing the daily challenges of life. Love practicing Tong Yuan with everyone too as it helps me to go deeper by practicing the moving Qigong first, then practicing Tong Yuan with everyone.”

This September-October we focused on Ren Yuan, Di Yuan and Ling Yuan. Providing the practice sessions really nourished my own practice and the Qifield keeps deepening. I learned a lot about my patterns It’s a beautiful manifestation of Zi Du, Du Ren, when it’s joyful and when it’s uncomfortable, too.

My desire was and is to structure, encourage and support daily practice for all of us, and for anyone who is called to newly step out on this Wide Bright Path. My desire was and is to contribute to building the local and global REN XUE Qifield. Many of you have encouraged this in small and big ways, and I thank you with all my heart!  

Submitted with Wu Xin,



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