When teaching Ling Yuan, I normally give the list and detailed descriptions of the ten fundamental patterns. However, the text material is so big that I don’t expect that the participants can have time to read it all. So I decided to create small cases or stories that illustrate each pattern.

Below is a short story that illustrates the pattern of “Avoiding and hiding”. The idea is to read it through before practicing the Ling Yuan for this pattern. I have also made a Swedish recording of the story.

I have tried it, and the people who attended this lecture were interested in a deep way. Afterwards I got the feed-back that they recognized the situation. Even a psychologist, who sometimes can be rather critical, said some positive words about it.

The Story for Avoiding and Hiding

I enter the big hall. It is full of people. The sound level is high. I look around, but no one seems familiar. Maybe I’ll have a sandwich and some coffee, but it looks so crowded at the serving tables. I hesitate.

Suddenly I hear a voice, “Hello, I have not seen you for long time! How are you”?

I turn around, taking the extended hand. I’m searching intensely in memory but finding no clue. “Hi, yes, it was quite a while ago”. The pulse beats, it feels a bit uncomfortable. Maybe I should ask where we met – but … but I stay quiet, nothing happens. I’m looking down at the floor.

The other disappears in the throng. I’m moving back towards the wall.

The leader of the evening starts the program. I is a little hard to hear from so far behind. Perhaps I should move a little closer. But on the other hand – it’s so crowded. I stay where I am.

Then comes the last point of the evening. The “Winning ticket”. The leader rolls a new electric bike forward. Oh wow! A name is drawn from the participant’s list. It’s my name, I’ve won!

The pulse beats, my heart is pounding. I try to move forward but the body does not want to. I’m getting stuck. Maybe they can send the bicycle with PostNord. Or maybe I can pick it up tomorrow.

The winner, are you here? Raise a hand so we know that you are there. Otherwise, we will pick another winner”.

Well then, with all my energy, I raise my hand, and begin to move forward through the crowd.

 Applause for the winner!!!”

I feel like sinking through the earth.

I get up on stage, I hope I won’t fade.

Congratulations”! The leader gives me the microphone.

I look at the microphone and then at the leader.

Thanks” – I manage to push forward. I’d rather hide myself, disappear somewhere – be invisible.

Summing up questions:

What would you experience when an unknown person greets you? Can an answer be to openly say “Excuse me, but I can’t actually remember you! Where have we met before? “

Can you imagine that you could spontaneously contact an unknown person, if the situation arises?

Do you take care of your own needs or put other people’s interests before your own?

Do you feel that you have shortcomings or that you are inferior to others?

Do you need to be considered as a “good person” by others and therefore feel bound to hide “all that is not good”?

Do you avoid contact with people because of fear of criticism or rejection?

Do you, to achieve a sense of comfort and safety, limit yourself and what you do in everyday life?


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