On the weekend of 2 – 3 November, we had a retreat in Sweden. We had 27 participants and the main purpose was to teach Zhong Yuan for the first time in Sweden.

During the first day, the technique for circulating Qi in the Du and Ren channels was taught. We used a technique called “Dry Swim” in Swedish, which means that the participants tested the process step by step by pretending to pass through the gates one by one and learnt what to do if they got stuck or had other problems. This also means that when you do it for real, you are sure how to proceed. After each training session, questions followed.

The course was very much appreciated by the participants. Several got the circulation going and there were even those who got the circulation going around fully. Afterwards, one of the participants started a group on Messenger. The purpose was a challenge: Practise Zhong Yuan (for 30 minutes) for 100 consecutive days, and to enter the day number into Messenger every day. There are now nine participants on Messenger. We also have a corresponding Messenger page for Di Yuan (20 minutes).

Arne Nordgren

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