Supporting you as we navigate this crisis together

Tips and techniques to help in challenging moments

As the unprecedented coronavirus situation unfolds, we are experiencing dramatic change around the world—likely more than many of us have experienced in our lifetime. To support you and your loved ones through these times, we have compiled some tips and techniques that may help as we face these challenges together.

The Heart Prayer

 Yuan Tze has created a beautiful new Heart Prayer so that we may build a Qifield for the world to help ourselves and help others. You can either listen or download an audio recording of the Heart Prayer or view the Prayer in written form. We encourage you to use either of these when you need them and share the Heart Prayer with others so it may help them too.  

The Heart Prayer

by Written by Yuan Tze, recorded by Melissa Liu

Yuan Gong Demonstration Videos

If you’re new to REN XUE, visit our YouTube channel to view beautiful demonstrations videos of the moving meditation practices of Yuan Gong. There you will also find an explanation of Open-Close Pulling Qi (or Pulling Qi). There is more to this exercise than meets the eye. It can improve your physical health to a considerable degree.

As a sample, here is a demonstration of Tian Yuan the first method of Yuan Gong.

To learn these methods, contact one of our teachers to guide you through the proper instructions of the movement and mind activity involved for safe and effective practice.

Find a REN XUE Teacher

We have hundreds of REN XUE Teachers throughout the world, check out our Teacher Directory in your timezone who may be running online group or private sessions.

Also, check out our Calendar of online classes run by our teachers, many of which are currently free.

At-Home Learning Program

You can learn online through the REN XUE of the Americas’ At-Home Learning Program on their website here.

Livestream session With Dorrie and Norberto

Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels and Norberto Rodrigues hosted a special Livestream event on March 29 with the aim of supporting the community during the coronavirus crisis. Watch the Livesteam at a time that suit you and enjoy the powerful and nurturing information that they share.

Tips and Techniques from REN XUE Teachers

Returning to a relaxed state

Cathy Fox, a REN XUE Teacher in Ireland, talking about a simple technique to help you return to a calm and relaxed state. 

Transform worry into positive action

Natalie Meijer, a REN XUE Teacher from New Zealand, talks us through an approach to transform the worry about the current situation, into proactive solutions.

Returning to calm, relaxed and natural state

A reminder on how to connect with a calm, relaxed and natural feeling from Vanessa Lukes, REN XUE Teacher based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Learn how to live life in an energy saving mode

Swedish REN XUE teacher Arne Nordgren, guides us through a short meditation to relax your whole body.

Feeling a place of peace

UK-based REN XUE Teacher, Carmen Dolz, helps guide you into ‘a place of peace’ with a beautiful poem that takes you into your breath, your dantian (energy center in the belly). 

Pull yourself together to feel good again

REN XUE Teacher, Vlado Rashev, shares a brief that you can practice throughout the day to feel more centered.

Take a moment to feel present in your environment

REN XUE Teacher and wellness coach, Jackie Blunt, invites us to take a moment to enjoy life all around us.

REN XUE Online Classes

REN XUE Teachers have responded quickly to the global situation and are offering a variety of online classes, many of which are free.

Please check out our Calendar of online classes to access these learning opportunities.

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