We invite you to experience the replay of a special nine-day live online retreat with world-renowned teacher, Yuan Tze. Responding to the global coronavirus situation, Yuan Tze shares ways in which you can realize your potential to rise above a crisis and transform your life.

You’ll learn how to manage negative feelings that may arise in life, or be triggered by a crisis, by cultivating the five essential qualities of the heart– trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (utmost respect).  By growing these qualities, Yuan Tze  explains how they can help us dramatically improve our ability to react to any crisis more positively and with greater clarity.

Please join Yuan Tze and the beautiful REN XUE Qifield for this special opportunity to work on uplifting life for greater health, happiness and growth - and for the harmony and peace of the world. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery—one that paves a way beyond this crisis towards a greater goal of manifesting realization and wisdom?

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New to REN XUE? Financial Assistance
Replay Offerings Ways to Pay
Fees Replay Registration Form
FAQs About Accessing the Replay

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at events@renxueinternational.org

New to REN XUE?

Learn more about the REN XUE system and its founder Yuan Tze, here.  Read about the methods of the Yuan Gong here

Replay Offering

The replay of the event includes access to:


  • 27 hours of teachings from Yuan Tze consisting of nine daily three-hour talks
  • Teachings from REN XUE teachers on the first two methods of Yuan Gong - Tian Yuan and Di Yuan
  • Nine daily practice sessions of the first three methods of Yuan Gong - Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, Ren Yuan, and Xia Yuan
  • Supporting teaching material on the Tong Yuan practices done as part of the sessions with Yuan Tze, and other information to support the teachings
  • Support from REN XUE Guidance teachers via Zoom

    *Access to all this content will be available until the end of October 2o2o


We are aware that the current situation with coronavirus is having a significant financial impact on many people globally. For this reason, we have various pricing options to allow those that need support to receive it and to provide those that can help others with the opportunity to do so. 

The base price is NZD$500 per person, and the couple and family rate is NZD$800 for two people viewing from the same home. However, if affordability is a barrier to you attending, we are also offering a discounted rate of NZD$300 to help make the event accessible to you. Alternatively, if you are in the position of being able to donate to help others participate, you will have that option when you register. All donations will be gratefully received.

If NZD$300 is still a barrier to your accessing this opportunity please just contact our Events Coordinator, Chris Dunaway, on events@renxueinternational.org and she will arrange something with you.

Note: REN XUE International is a charity based in New Zealand, and as such direct bank transfer payments made from outside of New Zealand will incur transfer fees from your bank or online transfer. 

FAQ's About Accessing the Replay

How will I access the replay?
Once you have signed up you will receive a welcome email from our Event Coordinator, Chris Dunaway, with access details and passwords for viewing the recordings online.  The replay of the daily retreat sessions are available to watch through Livestream, or for those with slower Internet speeds, via YouTube.

Can I download the replay to watch offline?
No, they are not to be downloaded or shared in any way. We ask that you honor our privacy policy – all videos are for personal use only.  

What kind of support will I have?
If you are having any technical issues or troubles finding material or accessing teachers, Chris Dunaway will be able to support you. Please contact her on events@renxueinternational.org

We also have a global REN XUE Guidance team made up of qualified REN XUE teachers who are available to you should you have more in-depth questions about the teachings or methods, or if any issues arise for you.  The team is made up of teachers from the different regions—Americas, New Zealand & Australia, and Europe—so that finding a time to meet in your time zone is easier.

Ways To Pay

Direct Bank Transfer:

Direct Bank Transfer is an option, and for those paying from within New Zealand, is our preferred option.  If you are paying from outside of New Zealand transfer fees with your bank or online service will apply. We recommend Transferwise as an online international transfer service, as they have the lowest fees in our experience.  Please see the below for all banking details.

Please pay the full amount upon completing your online registration. Your registration is not complete until payment is received.

Email: admin@renxueinternational.org
Name: REN XUE International Charitable Trust
Account Number: 38-9020-0409613-00
101 Cluny Road
Porirua 5026
Reference: Please include your first initial and surname, followed by RISE (We need this reference to verify your payment.)

Transferwise Notes:

  • In the ‘You send’ box choose your local currency
  • In the ‘Recipient gets’ box choose NZD and enter the fees you need to pay in NZD
  • Make sure to choose the ‘low cost transfer fee’
  • For the reference, there a limit of 12 characters, so don’t worry if “Rise” does not fit
  • Once the payment has gone through, you can expect to receive a confirmation email from Transferwise.

Credit Card:

Credit card payment can be made directly on the registration form and is the simplest way to pay from outside New Zealand. This payment option is via the STRIPE payment gateway. It is secure and safe with regard to your personal card details.

Alternative Payment Options:

If you need an alternative payment option such as invoice or payment plan, please contact Chris on events@renxueinternational.org

Registration Form for Yuan Tze's Online Retreat Replay

Registration is currently on hold for this retreat while we transfer the content to our new website. Please check back soon for more details.

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