A Great Opportunity for Improving Your Health and Attaining Higher Realisation and Wisdom

There are two main focuses for REN XUE retreats this year:

  • Tian Yuan and Di Yuan
  • Realisation and Wisdom

Yuan Gong has nine methods in total. It is not just a Qigong system, rather, it is a system for uplifting the whole of one’s life. There is much more you can achieve beyond health. Health is important but, no matter how healthy we are and how long we live, life will come to an end. There is more to think about, including

  • What is the true purpose and meaning of life?
  • What can we achieve in our personal development and what potential do we have?
  • How do we truly realise this potential and reach a higher level of life?

These are exactly the questions Yuan Gong is intended to address. When we use it to uplift life, it is essential to work step by step. Each of the nine methods is a step which prepares the next step. The effective practice of each method makes a solid and strong foundation for the next. The stronger the foundation, the more one will get from the practice of the following methods.

The focus of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan is perfect for beginners as they are the first two methods of Yuan Gong.

How about for those who have practiced them for a few years? Is there still room to make more progress?

The answer is a big YES. Absolutely. The effectiveness of the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan can advance and deepen through three levels.
1. Effectiveness of the practice manifests primarily on Qi and secondarily on the state
2. Effectiveness of the practice manifests primarily on the state and secondarily on Qi
3. Effectiveness of the practice manifests mainly on Shen; i.e. the manifestation of the nature of Shen (True Self)

No matter where you are with your practice of these two methods, these retreats will help you make further progress. In fact, there is no end to what you can achieve with the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan. In the retreat in Canada in 2018, a student reached the level of ‘Opening the Heart’ during her Tian Yuan practice. Her life changed completely from there – she experienced unconditional love that she had never felt before, even though she loves her children dearly and thought no love could possibly surpass that. She felt the connection with everything and the unification with the universe. This kind of effect is not unusual when work on the heart and consciousness progresses and can lead to realisation and wisdom.

The main focus of all REN XUE retreats from 2019 onwards is realisation and wisdom, by working to grow the heart (Xin Ling), consciousness and Shen. Yuan Tze will focus his work on building a powerful Qifield and providing valuable guidance to help the participants deepen their exploration and make headway on attaining realisation and wisdom. He will be joined by a number of teachers who will share their inspirational stories and assist participants on this path. One of the highlights in 2019 will be the screening of the documentary about how two of these teachers made a great leap in their life cultivation.

Using various Yuan Gong methods to work on Qi, health and realisation and wisdom is a powerful approach. Those different methods enhance the effects of one another. For example, your Tian Yuan practice will be much deeper experience and more effective now than, say, two years ago, because during that time you have been working on your heart and made good progress. When using Yuan Gong methods this way to work on all aspects of life, even the first method Tian Yuan can continue to bring new surprises.

Training in person with Yuan Tze, the creator of the system, in the powerful Qifield he builds is very special. The experience of doing this work with a group of loving, caring and warm-hearted people can be sheer magic. We hope you can take this life-changing opportunity and use it to make another step forward in your life.

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