REN XUE of the Americas (RXA)

RXA continues working on its major projects; At-Home Learning (AHL), Outreach Program, the yearly retreat in April, and the documentary film featuring two of our teachers elucidating Yuan Tze’s teachings about realization and wisdom. Below are updates and additional information about RXA’s activities.

At Home Learning (AHL)
A team has begun preliminary planning for the Tong Yuan AHL program. If you aren’t familiar with the AHL programs, RXA offers Yuan Qigong instruction via an electronic package, which includes instructional videos, practice videos, written materials, and practice MP3s. Offering the AHL programs at a reasonable price ($37 each) makes the methods and information available to more people. Just like the first four methods, the Tong Yuan program will offer teacher support, which will grow connectivity between REN XUE teachers and students. So far, RXA has delivered a little over 400 packages to both students and teachers. If you are interested in using the materials in your teaching or offering them to students for at-home refreshers on the methods – see here.
RXA will let you know when Tong Yuan will be available. Then it’s on to Ling Yuan!

Through donations, RXA is able to provide financial support to teachers who offer free programs to populations that can benefit from REN XUE. Our programs have served those affected by cancer\chronic illness, blindness, brain injuries, those seeking stress management, immigrant women, developmentally disabled youth, women in recovery, hospice workers, classes at a community Synagogue and wellness classes at a hospital, to name just a few. Bill McMillan, RXA’s outreach coordinator, recently held a meeting for those currently teaching in the RXA outreach program. He reports that each teacher was enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect and share their experiences teaching in an outreach program. Bill plans to continue hosting meetings for outreach teachers.

Retreats and Talks
We ran our 9th Yuan Tze retreat in Wonder Valley, California in April. We also supported two events with Yuan Tze in Canada: Sabine Goubau and Sylvie Jutras organised a wonderful week-long retreat in Calgary – and Steph Ross organised an evening event in Courtenay, BC. Plans are underway for next year’s retreat 31 March-12 April 2019.

The Documentary
The documentary filming is underway. The film crew finished filming and will be doing additional filming at the teacher training in November. The editing process will begin in 2019. The release date for the documentary depends on funding. More details to follow!

Miscellaneous Board Member Activity
In addition to working on the four main board activities, a few other activities include:
Robin Gow and Simon Sangmeister are working on an e-learning program to make the 6-level teacher training more accessible to a wider audience. They have done much of the work on Level 1.
Sabine Goubau is offering classes in Canada and reports that the number of active teachers and teachers in training in Canada continues to grow. Sabine is also actively working on creating opportunities for research studies on the benefits of Yuan Qigong.

RXA Board Members
Melissa Liu, Sally Hinds, Marsha Moore, Bill McMillan, Sabine Goubau, and Robin Gow


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