REN XUE Europe (RXE)

We’re excited to welcome two new REN XUE affiliate organisations into the family. In Switzerland Fabian Winiger has set up REN XUE Schweiz (you can check them out here) and Ivan Mazet has set up REN XUE France (you can find them out on FacebookThis makes three affiliate organisations in Europe now, including REN XUE Sverige (Sweden), with other possibilities emerging – watch this space ?


In Ireland – Cathy Fox, Rainer Puehringer, Arne and Marita Nordgren and Norberto Rodrigues recently ran a successful 5-day retreat at Dalgan Park outside Dublin. You can read more about the retreat here.

In Sweden – REN XUE Sverige ran its 7th annual Yuan Tze retreat in Stockholm in June/July. The first five days was for beginners and the second 9 days was for those who knew the methods well.

During this retreat two new recordings were tried out. The first contains Tian Yuan and Di Yuan with background sound (ocean waves). The second is Ren Yuan with supportive background music. After the retreat, Yuan Tze gave his acceptance to create these recordings as CDs with Bin Liu copy rights. They can now be bought from the REN XUE Sverige website here. Planning is underway for the 2019 retreat 25 June – 7 July.

This spring, we ran a Level 2 REN XUE teacher training where 6 teachers passed the examination. This autumn, we will run a Level 1 teacher training with 10 participants. Presently there are around 50 examined teachers in Sweden – 16 are actively teaching on their own or within REN XUE Sverige.

At the end of October, we are holding a 3-day retreat in Sigtuna, close to Stockholm – where we will introduce Ling Yuan, with recordings in Swedish.

In England – Carmen Dolz organised a very successful 2-day Yuan Tze workshop in Brighton in July with great feedback.

In France – the team is preparing for a 5-day Yuan Tze retreat 15-21 June 2019 in Lembrun.

Yuan Tze’s 2 day workshop in Brighton, England, July 2018

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