REN XUE Australasia (RXAA)

How RXAA came to be
The Ren Xue Life Development Trust (RXLDT) was set up in New Zealand in 2010 to support local teachers and run an annual retreat.  In 2015 as part of the REN XUE Global Development Plan – RXLDT was invited to join with teachers in Australia and transition to becoming REN XUE Australasia.

We have been working since then to make this happen. RXAA is now a charitable trust in New Zealand with board members from both NZ and Australia – working with the community in both countries to help develop REN XUE trans-Tasman. While RXLDT will cease to exist over the coming months, we would like to acknowledge the important place it holds in our history, as well as the people who contributed to laying the amazing foundations RXAA now rests on. Thanks to Ans Wilkin, Darryl, Walker, Jackie Blunt, Jay Glubb, Johnny Harris, Kevin Birnie, Natalie Meijer, Ollie Clifton, Val Swatridge and Vanessa Lukes.

Who is behind RXAA
RXAA is supported by a Board of Trustees – made up of Shane Ricketts, Mary Bordi, Glenn Mortimer, Claire Langley, Trina King and Ollie Clifton. In December we will farewell Ollie and welcome Shona Page. Ollie has been supporting this work since its beginnings and has been our rock throughout the transition – he is off to make even greater things happen within the local community in Christchurch, NZ. We warmly welcome Shona and the wisdom she brings.

What we are up to
RXAA members come together monthly over Zoom to oversee the wider work of the organisation. Our aim is to support the development of REN XUE, REN XUE teachers and the REN XUE community in Australasia in any way we can.

We are running Livestream@Kaiapoi 2018 – a special event where teachers who are not attending the training at Wonder Valley can come together as a group for the Level 6 Teacher Training via Livestream.  If you are in or near NZ and would like to undertake the training with others, there are still spots available. You can find all information on our website

We also support local teachers through our mentoring programme, financial assistance for the teachers training, sharing of events on our website and our regular newsletter. More information on any of these can be found here or by contacting us directly on

The 7th annual Aotearoa National Retreat was successfully held in Wainui in May– thanks to an amazing committee of organisers (Ans Wilkin, Vanessa Lukes, Darryl Walker and Val Swatridge) and with the support of some wonderful teachers.  You can see photos here. Planning for next year’s retreat is underway ?

Participants of the 7th Aotearoa National Retreat, May 2018

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions, suggestions or are keen to be involved.

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