During the French Retreat in June we did the Tong Yuan practice on Trust and Openness. For most of the people there, it was their first experience with Tong Yuan.

Here’s what some people said:

“Tong Yuan, as well as listening from the heart to Yuan Tze´s words, were a beautiful, deep experience that widened my heart, making it come fully alive.” V.M.

“These practises on Trust and Openness move me a lot, every time. Especially on Trust. This time new images showed up, related to my family and my early childhood period. Even though those moments are challenging, I always take this practise and its effect gives me a great opportunity to really move forward.” F.D


“This practise is firstly welcoming the spoken words of the teacher. Being opened and guided by the voice. Gradually feeling the space inside oneself getting bigger. Like a flower reaching its bloom, feeling the openness in one’s own heart.

Not feeling the body, melted into everything. A dissolved body being awakened. At this moment, there’s a great feeling of peacefulness and strength, feeling of well-being and fulfilment, feeling all the changes inside and not being scared anymore.

On this particular day after the practise, I had the opportunity to have some experience that would normally have been dreadful, but here and now I was able to simply welcome it in a positive way, with no interpretation. I cried because of my awakening.

This practise helps me to get a new way to look at things, to surrender to what is and deeply appreciate things are as they are. It is obvious that I need to maintain this state, and for this there’s no secret, just keep practising.”  M.T



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