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We have some practical tips and techniques to help you remain in a relaxed, calm and natural state during these challenging times.  Read more.

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Join Yuan Tze in the third event in his series of six one-day workshops, where he shares his wisdom and demystify the essential elements of a good state—relaxed, calm, natural, integrated, and unified, harmonious, and lastly, Jue Cha (self-awareness and self-observation).

Being NATURAL may not be as straightforward to understand and apply as the other elements of a good state. However, it provides an essential foundation. In all the years that Yuan Tze has shared his wisdom, this workshop will be the first time he will give a comprehensive talk on this essential element.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state?

Harmony with yourself

Discover a deep sense of wellbeing.

Yuan Qigong is REN XUE’s practice of movements, postures and breathing designed to help us live more creative, adaptive lives in today’s challenging world.

Harmony with others

Share in the joy of a calmer, more harmonious life with those around you.

Living in a calm, relaxed and natural state influences everything and everyone around us. Our relationships improve.

Harmony with the world

Open your heart and nurture the realization that we are all in this together.

REN XUE teaches us how to live in greater harmony with nature and the world.


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Leaving Eeyore behind me

Leaving Eeyore behind me

I have been learning and applying REN XUE since mid-2011 / age 24. I did use it as a tool to help me to get off and stay off drugs, which was quite a major change for me. But more importantly, is the smaller changes it’s made to my everyday life; like my ability to...

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Learning to relax

Learning to relax

I was looking for something to help me relax. My body was either tense or I could barely feel it. The things that usually worked, exercise, reading or watching tv were leaving me feeling more uptight or disconnected. The more I tried to relax, the harder it seemed....

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Laughing in my sleep

Laughing in my sleep

I've been practising REN XUE for quite a few years. I've noticed many changes big and small. Some of the things in my life that have changed have been major, and right up there on the list of most stressful things to deal with. But it seems like my outlook on life...

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