In 2012 I attended a 2-day workshop in Germany and I immediately felt a connection with the teachings of this extraordinary teacher, Yuan Tze. With my friend Norberto’s guidance, I started to practice Yuan Qigong and follow the teachings of REN XUE . To my surprise, during a practice my migraine disappeared. Since then I have been free of migraines, let alone the medication for it. A year later, I managed to use my Yuan Qigong practice to heal a broken rib in less than 4 weeks, while doing 8 hours of labour work a day during the harvesting season.

Of course, with all these benefits I have experienced myself, I couldn’t stop thinking about spreading the word about this amazing system. So I applied to become a teacher myself. I see amazing healing results in my students too: liver cancer cleared; better state in life; lasting sense of well-being; clearing of chronic gastritis, etc.

Best of all, after living for 33 years in this life, I was finally able to find self-respect & self-love. As a result, I am a much happier and healthier human being. I feel eternally grateful.

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