Simon Sangmeister

Hello everyone, I am very glad and excited to become an official team member of the growing RX machine, embellishing the world by opening our hearts. As my job description is a mouthful and my tasks are manifold, I prefer to go by “the apprentice”.
I have been working on developing the Level 1 E-Learning program over the past year. This new format of online based learning will go live later on this year and aims to enable new students from around the world to study the RX system from home. More recently I was assigned with setting up the online teacher library. This will be my main focus for the next few months. The idea is to develop a structured and simple archive of all teacher resources, spanning from manuals, videos, audios all the way to safety documents and educational materials.

Another novelty I am working on is a comprehensive online glossary that will go live soon. On the whole, all my tasks aim to make RX more accessible from home and to spread the word about life cultivation.

If you guys need to contact me regarding the above or fancy a digital coffee date don’t hesitate and drop me a line at


Bridget Baker

When I was a young child, I wanted to be a dancer on a fantastic, but very cheesy, ‘80s TV show called Solid Gold Hits.  Looking back, I was drawn to the creativity, joy and heart connection that I felt when performing. 

Fast forward 30ish years, and while my dancing career peaked in my 20s shuffling some sweet moves on the dance floor, the universe has now fortuitously presented me with the incredible role of Communications Coordinator.

For me this role evokes those same childhood feelings.  Joy to be working with some incredible people, sharing Yuan Tze’s profound wisdom, whilst also creatively speaking to people’s hearts, including my own.

I feel deeply honoured to have the opportunity to help connect people seeking a happier and more harmonious life, with REN XUE and all you amazing teachers.

I look forward to serving this incredible community as we all strive to Zi Du, Du Ren.

With much love and Wu Xin


Chris Dunway

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I have worked in event production for over 20 years. I have worked with RXA for the last 6 California retreats and look forward to working with RXI on the upcoming New Zealand retreat.
I love traveling, being in nature and tossing humour
 around the universe.





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