Dear friends,
In the last few months, I have been building the Qifield for the level 6 teacher training. You may have noticed the change of the Qifield. It would not be a surprise if you have experienced strong reactions, especially on the emotional and consciousness levels.

Since last November, the focus of REN XUE work has shifted to the attainment of higher realization and wisdom. The ultimate purpose of this work is to help the True Self manifest. Tong Yuan (the method to work on the heart) and Ling Yuan (the method to work on the patterns of the consciousness) are important tools to achieve this. In the level 6 training, the method dedicated for this purpose – Ming Yuan (9th Method) – will be introduced.

The Qifield is not just for the training; it is for everyone in the REN XUE community. Those who attend the training, whether via in person or via streaming, will have the opportunity to work in the special Qifield and go inward at a deep level to meet the True Self face to face. If you are not attending the training, staying connected to the Qifield can also benefit your growth. The information for attaining higher realization can be accessed whenever you tune in with Five Xin in your heart.

This training is going to be an exciting opportunity for change. The Qifield is built for Shen/True Self to come alive. It will not only make the retreat a wonderful experience, but also have infinite potential for change on all levels.

I would like to invite you to join this Qifield and build it together for the growth of yourself and everyone in the REN XUE family. After all, there is nothing more important for life than finding your True Self and allowing it to truly manifest!

I look forward to seeing you in the magical Qifield!
Yuan Tze

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