I have been learning and applying REN XUE since mid-2011 / age 24. I did use it as a tool to help me to get off and stay off drugs, which was quite a major change for me. But more importantly, is the smaller changes it’s made to my everyday life; like my ability to not take myself so seriously. We all have a tendency at times to dwell on our own stuff and feel sorry for ourselves. I was certainly no different! I lived in the past a lot and had what I would call a ‘poor me’ attitude. This didn’t help my relationship with myself or others. It’s safe to say I was quite withdrawn and mopey. (Think Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, or Charlie Brown!)

But as I learned and applied REN XUE , there was definitely an improvement in this area. As I began to look at myself honestly, I could see how I was stuck in my poor me state and so I started learning how to not take myself so seriously. This brought more harmony into the relationship with myself and others. If I had recordings of me when I get in the mopey states, it would be quite hilarious. It’s amazing how much importance we place on things that are actually just trivial, and don’t really matter in the bigger picture.

I am now much better at laughing at myself! I realised life is only as serious as we make it; the choice is up to us how we react to life. REN XUE teachings inspire me to look on the lighter side of life, and to not dwell on my own baggage. If all our stress, anxiety, physical and emotional pain etc. in our entire being was represented by a suitcase, how big would it be? Do we really want to carry that much around all the time? Are those things really that important and worth holding on to? Applying REN XUE , my suitcase of life is much lighter and brighter these days, and more full of happiness, relaxation, laughter and harmony.

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