I was looking for something to help me relax. My body was either tense or I could barely feel it. The things that usually worked, exercise, reading or watching tv were leaving me feeling more uptight or disconnected. The more I tried to relax, the harder it seemed. Still meditation sounded helpful and I was keen to give it a go, however when I sat still I felt so itchy and squirmy inside that I could only last about 30 seconds before I was compelled to hop up and go move. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Yuan Qigong has been completely different. The exercises were easy to learn and are lovely to do. Beginning with the gentle rhythm and grace of the1st method, I learnt to notice my body, to pay attention to it, to really feel and connect with it. With consistent daily practice I now feel connected to myself and comfortable within myself. I feel relaxed. When tension or stress does arise from daily living I’m now able to notice and feel where this is, and then to actively relax with a simple thought or by breathing out. If I feel like I’m disconnecting from myself, I can bring myself back by simply just doing it. I feel so much better and feel like I have a better sense of control, or autonomy over my life. Even better, the surprising side effect is that my sense of appreciation for my body has really grown as well, leading me to truly being able to loving care for this beautiful body of mine.

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