I’ve been practising REN XUE for quite a few years. I’ve noticed many changes big and small. Some of the things in my life that have changed have been major, and right up there on the list of most stressful things to deal with. But it seems like my outlook on life gets increasingly stronger and clearer. In the past I would kind of get stuck in thought patterns – going over and over in my mind the things I should have said or done. But now I recognise the trip I am on and make positive, self nurturing changes. And I know how to recognise thoughts that are not in keeping with a healthy, happy life. I sleep so much better – just like I did as a child. Also I have a lot of energy, and getting much better at directing it in positive, meaningful ways. My ability to say no has improved remarkably. Really – I found this so hard in the past. But now I understand this is a not so healthy pattern, and I know when to no. My children say I laugh and smile much more. I wondered if that was just their own sunny outlook on life, but then I sometimes find myself laughing in my sleep. I wondered who it was the first time this happened! My house feels great, actually even my tent when we go camping. Neither of these things are very new, but the atmosphere sure is. I made a choice to follow the path of REN XUE – I was at a crossroads in my life when I first met Yuan Tze. I’m really happy to have chosen this direction. and I’m sure my children are too.

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