Keep Going Little Pumpkin

Begin like pumpkin
plucked fresh from the earth
strong scent memories of connection

Placed on a table
staring at a carver’s tool
what to carve?
what to change?

Is change worth the razor’s edge of the unknown?


One slit to overcome fear
a streak of light bursts out
there is a candle within
why not dampened when plucked from Earth?

Courage now
one more slit
a radiant dance between emerging streaks of brightness

One small stroke of change each time
day after day
year after year

Design begins to dazzle
forms swirl and merge
finally, the creation seems done

Earth hands pumpkin a mirror
a pause
some wonder
am I done?

Earth helps with final strokes

All pumpkin is gone
All light remains
The new phase begins.

By Stephanie Ross

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