Full Moon Message

Kaixin Verse

Jul 24, 2021

Heaven, Earth, Human are all teachers with infinite wisdom

I open my Xinmen to trust and love them unconditionally

With gratitude in my heart, I receive the bright light of their love and wisdom and unify with it

My Shen, Yi and Xin are fully aligned with the light of Dao

With Gongjing, realization and wisdom are arising

I am one with the light of the wisdom of the universe

When the ‘great opening’ of the heart happens, it feels as though there is a door in the heart and this door suddenly opens wide, leading to a brand-new world. This new world is nothing like the world before. It is full of bright light and wonderment. In this new world, your heart has replaced the brain and become the main place you live from. Your life will be following the all-encompassing wisdom from your heart, rather than the activity of your consciousness. You will be guided by the pure feelings arising from your heart, rather than the restrictive thoughts from your brain. In this world, everything looks new, even though in actuality they have been there all along. Things look different because you are connecting with them from a totally different place – a place where you see them as they are. Your heart has become the bridge that connects you to them. It connects in a complete and pure way, leaving nothing to the filtering of the patterns of the consciousness. The connection goes to the deepest level, the essence, to the heart of another human being, another life form, and the universe, and most importantly, to the essence of your own life – your True Self. Everything will seem perfect just as it is, and you are an integral part of the beautiful totality that is made up of all the connections of the universe.

This brand-new world is always shining right in front of you. I encourage you to keep working on your heart until you can see it. The Kaixin Verse is a tool that can help you get there.

Enjoy the Kaixin Verse and the magical changes it brings.

Yuan Tze

If you would like to learn more about the Kaixin Verse check out our Learn REN XUE website for the Replay of Yuan Tze’s online workshop about the verse that was run in 2021 as part of the Living from the Heart series.


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