With REN XUE, I am continually acquiring the tools and support to help me shift myself more and more into higher frequencies of joy, peace, and love. It’s hard to truly explain what living in this different energy feels like, but it just creates a deeper way of experiencing life as a whole. When I look back to my state of living a year ago, just before I started REN XUE, I think of how much fear, doubt, insecurity, complaining, and general suffering was present in my life. I was tuned into the hardships of life, my health was deteriorating, and my relationships and work were becoming meaningless and even troublesome. Those negative emotions that once coloured my experiences so much, I find are fading away more each day. Although the process is ongoing, and I can’t say that I am completely free of all negative emotions and suffering, I can say that I am grounding myself more and more into what Yuan Tze calls the “5 xin qualities” or “5 heart qualities”. Just by cultivating these 5 qualities (of openness, trust, love, gratitude, and utmost humility towards the universe), I feel more balanced, joyful, and more alive in each experience.

Both the soul-refreshing Yuan Qigong practices and Yuan Tze’s inspiring words at the retreats have helped me move out of feeling dense and heavy, and to open up into a state of joy and peace, one where I feel connected with the world in a more magical way. Yet his teachings don’t just only help me temporarily achieve that healing, restorative space, but more importantly have shown me how to integrate that effortlessly unified state into each moment of my life. My relationships with others, and with the world around me, have transformed from being merely entertaining, to fully soul-nourishing, genuine, and enjoyable connections. That joy has also translated to an increased overall wellbeing in my health and allows me to perform better and more naturally in my work as a language tutor. I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon such a valuable and comprehensive system of life cultivation, and am now doing the teachers training so that I can help others learn and benefit from REN XUE as well.

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