REN XUE, Relationships and Forgiveness.

Well, before I started using the principles of REN XUE on my life, and for some time into the process, I could have provided you with many reasons and a very, very long story as to why my relationship wasn’t so good. But, I kept coming back to myself and looking for the patterns. It honestly has been a lot of struggle and pain. But it has all been worth it. Bit by bit I began to see the negative patterns I was using. I was no victim at all! One amazing day, things went very deep and finally I let go and found a very beautiful place inside of forgiveness. Actually, what I let go of in a way had nothing to do with my partner, but all to do with a deep pattern inside me. What did it feel like? Incredible. My life is really different now because of it. It turns out that it was a blessing, a gift from the universe the whole time. I just needed to open the package. I am deeply grateful for all the love and support that has been given to me from teachers and friends in the process, and for the teachings of REN XUE.

If this is you, keep going, you can truly do it!

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