I wanted to share part of my experience at retreat last April. My mother had just passed away on March 31st, and I was so grateful to be in such a loving and supportive community. One gentleman generated true acceptance and compassion when I became very sad, and lovely Helen sang me a beautiful song. I am friends with Pam Gow, and stayed for just 5 days as this was my first retreat.

For quite some time I had a painful kink in my back, by the right shoulder blade. Melissa and Yuan Tze were lecturing about sending energy to the place that needed healing. I thought…” oh well, I don’t think anything can help this, but I might as well try…” and concentrated on sending healing energy to the area. Not only did the pain go away that night, but it has not returned. Every once in a while I feel a little twinge and simply remind myself to adjust my body and visualize sending Qi to the area. If I can do it, then surely others can, too.


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