Read Yuan Tze’s personal experience with Gongjing shared in this excerpt from the book

Wellbeing begins with YOU

“Throughout my life I have made Gongjing the most important quality to cultivate. If I was only allowed to choose one thing to practice, Gongjing would be it. I have benefited enormously from this practice. Between my late teens and early thirties, I was fortunate to learn from teachers who had made great progress in life cultivation and generously passed down their wisdom through their teaching. I learned a lot and made fast progress. How did this happen? Through Gongjing. Having Gongjing enabled me to be very open and very connected with my teachers. I had total respect for them, trusted them with my life and had infinite gratitude to them. Because of my Gongjing, the powerful information conveyed through their teachings went straight into the core of my life, to the deepest place in my heart and Shen. Gongjing enabled ‘heart to heart’, ‘mind to mind’ and ‘Shen to Shen’ transmission to work at its best. As a result, I was able to grasp the teachings and reach a deep level of understanding in a short time. It was as though the understanding was simply transferred to me. I even received abilities this way. When my teacher said, ‘You can heal this problem’, I didn’t have any doubt and I was able to heal the problem just as he said. It felt like the ability to heal was simply handed to me. No teachings were filtered or watered down. I took everything as it was transmitted and I ‘got’ it all. Without Gongjing, much of this could never have happened and I couldn’t possibly have made such fast progress.

Some people may see this way of being as dangerous. It sounds like I am suggesting you should have blind faith in someone who can wield a lot of power and influence over you. I know many people think of this kind of teaching that way, especially in the West, so I have been very cautious about the way I get my teachings across. I am not trying to create an idol out of myself or to control other people, and I do not want to be accused of this. That type of behaviour would go completely against my intention of helping people understand life so they can heal and liberate themselves and be the masters of their own lives. I am telling you about my own experience with Gongjing solely because I want you to know how much having Gongjing can help you in the process of healing and developing your life. It is what makes the difference between slow, painstaking change and being in ‘fast forward’ mode.

Gongjing is a state of being. It is a natural quality of a healthy state of life and comes from a true understanding that everything is a manifestation of the laws of the universe, or Dao, and that everything and everyone is equal and valuable and is part of the whole. Each individual human life is both part of the whole and one with the whole. I had full Gongjing for my teachers, not because they were perfect – it was quite clear to me that they had their limitations – but because that was how I should behave as a human being. I also have Gongjing for a tree, and it is the same Gongjing. There should be no distinction. We should have the same Gongjing towards dog shit.

Having Gongjing and the humility that is part of it does not put a person in an inferior position in any way. Nature does not make distinctions; everything is a manifestation of the laws of the universe and is natural. It is humans who make judgments on what is superior or inferior, and we do this out of ignorance. There is no need to be affected by such judgments. When we are in the state of Gongjing, we do not lose anything; we only gain. Through having this quality we benefit ourselves more than anyone or anything else.”

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