I have pondered the meaning of life since I was a little girl. I ponder the destiny of my own. I ponder the fate of humanity. A few years back, I decided to follow my heart in all things I do and have found immense joy in life in doing so. Through doing things called upon by our hearts, we spark and ignite one another’s souls, bringing a deep joy and peace within our beings.

Instead of contemplating the fate and future of myself and mankind, I have re-realized that I simply need to focus on my love of exploring and doing what is important to me, including teaching Qigong and REN XUE as a way of life. For my heart to comprehend things beyond my mind, any meaningful pursuits called forth within The Rose of One Sacred Heart that contribute to leadership and service in any field inspire me tremendously. As a result, new paradigms of creativity and loving support of wellbeing for oneself, families, and communities will be birthed from such pursuits.

I desire to commit and honor true interests within my heart. By following the Rose of my own heart, I fulfil my destiny by celebrating every unfolding petal along The Way, discovering and rediscovering the gift of life and celebrating All of Creation. My destiny is the best promise I can make to myself by discovering unconditional love in new ways and new heights daily, for the story of my life and the tale of my heart is how my deep and passionate love for myself, for mankind, and for All That Is will be remembered.

Whatever we seek outside of ourselves always resides within us. I believe that we are all capable of creating our own Heaven on Earth. Each one of us is both teacher and student on the planet and always has something to offer this world. Every life on this earth is sacred and we are woven together, breathing as one.

May we embrace ourselves as we are, uplift each other as we live, and grow together as we walk the Path Home. Encourage and be encouraged. Inspire and be inspired. Let go what might be expected of us and simply follow the rose of our sacred hearts and give our best in everything we do. When we honor Light within us, we also honor Light in others. Similarly, when we honor Light in others, we also honor Light within us. Let the light of a child-like heart with invincible innocence guide us back home as we are already home.

Here is one of my poems written for myself, humanity, and All That Is, with much love.

The Rose of One Sacred Heart (The Way of the Rose) 
The Way of the Rose
Spirally opens within One Sacred Heart
Soft beauty of transcendent pedals
Echoing ancient wisdom and outright adoration
Divine origin
Love in absolution
Omniscient light
Invincible innocence
The Way of the Rose
Steadily instills within One Sacred Heart
Silent ferocity of paradoxic thorns
Teaching a pathway to self-reconciliation and total embodiment
Unconditional self-love
Freedom from dualistic polarities
Total acceptance of One Self
Alchemy of transcendent wholeness
The Rose of One Sacred Heart
Blooming within a cosmos of Roses
Walk One Heroic Journey
Side by side
Creating Legacy of Love

Michelle Talia Grace


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