Xia Yuan/Ren Yuan with Jana

In this special Friday morning class we will alternate weekly between practices of Ren Yuan (Moving Qi) and Xia Yuan (Strengthening Organs).

Experience the calming strength of Ren Yuan, an invigorating Qigong method that stretches the body from head to toe while moving Qi through the channels. We will explore these active, yet gentle movements and use a traditional meditation that has been kept a secret and was almost lost. Now this special meditation, or ‘mind method’, is thriving in this 3rd Yuan Qigong practice.

Experience the gentle nourishment of Xia Yuan, a moving Qigong method that uses hand postures, color, movement and sound to access a deeper part of the body – the organs. By strengthening the organs, you can improve their functions, prevent illness and boost health. This 4th Yuan Qigong method can bring a sense of nourishment, comfort and soothing calmness to life.

This class is for all levels. Beginners welcome. Movements can be modified to meet any condition.

Instructor: Jana Chamales
Language: English
Cost: Donation
Local Time: Friday mornings, 9.15am -10.15 am Pacific time(Oakland, California)
More info, links, and registration: jana@flowingcalm.com