Exploring the Heart qualities in our daily lives with third stage of Tong Yuan with Natalie

Online event

In this up and coming 8 weeks we will be focussing on developing and strengthening the heart further with the third stage Tong yuan meditations to strengthen our natural heart qualities Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and True Respect (Gongjing). When we can connect to these essential qualities we can feel who we truly are and what is true and reflects wisdom. It is also fundamental in developing a positive and respectful relationship to ourselves.

We will be exploring how staying present and taking care of our inner navigation system – Listening, Trusting, Seeing and Seeking answers from our heart we will see our own personal challenges more clearly as growth opportunities. When we respond from the heart we can feel more freedom to create new solutions rather from the old patterned response.


We will also be exploring how to develop one’s daily qigong practice into one of self love and embodiment. Yuan Gong Practices can help us deeply relax. When we are relaxed our heart can truly come alive, we will be exploring this more deeply with the practice of Xin Fa.
The cost is $180 for online sessions, recordings, extra handouts and personal email support throughout the 8 weeks. If there are any financial challenges that are in the way please be in touch. natalie@heartwisdom.co.nz

Instructor: Natalie Meijer
Language: English
Cost: $180 for 8 week Coaching Block (If there are any financial challenges that are in the way please be in touch)
Local Time: Weekly on Tuesday evenings 7pm
More info, links, and registration: Registration Form
Email: natalie@heartwisdom.co.nz