REN XUE Class with Sabine

This class is to work deeply on the information of our life, especially the heart and consciousness/mind. We start with a 1 hour deeply nourishing Yuan Gong practice and continue with 1 hour REN XUE teachings and guided discussion. Working this way on Qi and information can bring deep and stable benefits to life that can often be felt instantly.

This is a drop-in class BUT I need to know by Tuesday who is coming.

Some experience required.

Local Time: Calgary, Canada: Thursday Mornings – Every Two Weeks
Yuan Gong Practice 9:30 – 10:30AM
Guided REN XUE Discussion 10:30-11:30AM

Language: English

Cost: $20CDN / class. Special for those coming regularly: buy a pass for 4 classes @ $60CDN

For registration and online meeting room links visit or for more information, please email Sabine Goubau

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