Harmonize: Method 4 Xia Yuan with Jane

Our organ systems are part of our foundation for health. Whether you have a specific condition you would like to improve or clear, or you are looking for organ health maintenance, this practice is a way to access the health of the organs through simple movements, hand postures, sounds and visualizations.

Local Time: Washington State, USA: Friday Mornings
Xia Yuan Practice 8:30 – 9:00AM

Language: English

Cost: Uplift Yourself offers a monthly unlimited (no contract) USD$75 fee, for which you can attend all the classes on the schedule (10 hours a week), link here to view the weekly schedule

Free introductory sessions are available and recommenced.

Link for registration, online meeting room links, or more information please visit www.upliftyourself.com or contact info@upliftyourself.com