Informed Consent Form

Informed Consent Form

  • I am aware that REN XUE was designed to be a safe, effective and efficient alternative modality for health and wellbeing, but it also has its limitations.

    Regarding my participation in the Yuan Tze 9-day Livestream Event - April 2020:

    To my best knowledge, I have no medical or psychological condition that would prevent me from taking part in this REN XUE event and I assume all responsibility for my participation.

    I understand that REN XUE and Yuan Gong are not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

    I have read, fully understand, and agree to the terms of this Informed Consent Agreement and Supporting Information. I indemnify and release Yuan Tze, REN XUE International and all people operating on their behalf, from all liability for personal damage or injury to myself.

    I am signing this agreement voluntarily and recognize that acceptance of these terms serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.
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